World’s first hydrogen powered double decker bus heads out on Aberdeen streets

World’s first hydrogen powered double decker bus heads out on Aberdeen streets

February 4, 2021 0 By Alicia Moore

This is one step in a much larger EU project for rolling out H2 mobility throughout five countries.

The first hydrogen powered double decker bus in the world is now in service on the streets of Aberdeen Scotland as a component of a broader H2 projects in the European Union.

The zero-emission vehicle was manufactured by Wrightbus and modified with Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ assistance.

The hydrogen powered double decker bus was manufactured by Wrightbus. Moreover, the modifications to make it possible to be fuelled by H2 were added by Luxfer Gas Cylinders. That company’s multi-cylinder systems make it possible for low-pressure H2 storage at the back of the vehicle. The hydrogen is used in the onboard fuel cell, which uses the H2 to charge a battery pack stored under the vehicle’s floor. From there, the battery powers a compact electric motor so the bus can operate. This vehicle was the first of a fleet of 15 that have been converted for Wrightbus by Luxfer.

“Luxfer has pioneered hydrogen storage systems and valve technology, and we were brought into this project by Wrightbus in 2017 to help design how the hydrogen system could work to deliver the best range, in a cost effective solution,” said Luxfer Gas Cylinders director Mark Lawday. “Aberdeen has been at the forefront of hydrogen, proving it is viable, and we worked with them on introducing an original fleet of 10 hydrogen buses to the city too. It’s fantastic that these new double deckers will begin their journeys with passengers soon.”

The new hydrogen powered double decker bus is a part of the €32 million EU JIVE program.

The Joint Initiative for hydrogen vehicles across Europe (JIVE) program involves the deployment of a total of 139 zero-emission public buses and refueling stations in five countries. In the UK, London, Birmingham, and Liverpool will also have H2 fuelled buses on their fleets.

“Hydrogen has an important part to play in the decarbonisation of transport and the reduction in CO2 levels that we need to reach to ensure a net zero future, and we’re delighted to be working with Luxfer Gas Cylinders towards achieving this,” said Jo Bamford, Wrightbus chair. “Everyone at Wrightbus is incredibly proud to see the world’s-first hydrogen double decker bus fleet in full service and carrying passengers around the streets of Aberdeen. It marks a pivotal moment in the city’s commitment to reaching net zero.”

Hydrogen powered double decker bus - image of double decker busesBamford also added that his company would be behind the hydrogen powered double decker buses in other locations across the United Kingdom throughout this year.

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