Successful testing of smart city in India trials EFOY Pro fuel cells

Successful testing of smart city in India trials EFOY Pro fuel cells

February 4, 2021 0 By Erin Kilgore

SFC Energy delivered the renewable energy tech and equipment necessary for the Itanagar pilot.

Leading H2 and direct methanol fuel cell provider SFC Energy has successfully completed a project involving a smart city in India. The company’s products and solutions are meant in particular for both stationary and mobile hybrid power solutions.

The test in the Northeast Indian state capital was considered to have been successfully completed.

In this test of a smart city in India, SFC Energy partnered with FC TEcNrgy Pvt Ltd, an Indian company and the system integrator for the project. The test involved SFC Energy’s delivery of 30 EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cells. The operation was deemed revenue effective last year.

As such, SFC Energy is aiming to help to boost the connection between the digital and real-life worlds in order to provide cities with an advantage. Many cities in the country regularly experience power outages. When these outages remain in effect for longer than two hours at a time, important applications stop working. These include monitoring systems, environmental sensors and wireless routers. They require a painstaking restarting process once the power returns.

The smart city in India project aims to help eliminate the frequency and length of these outages.

The EFOY Pro 2400 fuel cell boasts a 110-watt power output. In this way, the smart city solution offered a reliable, powerful emergency power generator producing zero greenhouse emissions. This generator is connected with a compact 50 Ah battery pack. Therefore, when a power outage occurs, it has the capacity to power those downtimes for as long as 100 hours, using 10 litres of methanol.

By way of this solution, SFC Energy aims to accomplish two simultaneous goals. The first one is to provide a more secure power supply, which protects the connected systems that are vitally important to cities across the country. These locations will be able to enjoy far greater control over their power while avoiding unpredictable shutdowns. The second is to keep the power flowing without a substantial carbon footprint as would be the case with fossil fuel powered generators such as those using diesel.

The test of the smart city in India is only a first step with this tech. For instance, the EFOY Pro 2400 Smart City in India - Lights on streets - city lights in Indiafuel cells can also be combined with photovoltaic solar panels for hybrid renewable energy production.

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