Hyundai delivers hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Denmark

Hyundai delivers hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to Denmark

June 11, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Automaker provides Denmark with new hydrogen fuel vehicles

South Korean automaker Hyundai is working to establish itself as a leader in the realm of clean transportation. The company is currently expected to be the first to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles to the global market and has plans to begin mass producing these vehicles in the coming months. Before it begins mass producing these vehicles, however, Hyundai aims to generate a significant amount of hype behind its hydrogen-powered ix35. As such, the automaker has been ending the vehicle to various parts of the world in order to win the favor of consumer.

15 ix35 vehicles to serve in Copenhagen municipal fleet

Late last week, Hyundai sent 15 of its hydrogen-powered ix35 vehicles to Denmark, where they will be used to help in Copenhagen’s emissions reduction endeavors. These vehicles produce no harmful emissions due to their use of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel cells have been growing in popularity throughout the auto industry because of their emissions-free capabilities, especially as more governments around the world adopt a harsher stance on the emissions issue.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - Hyundai ix35 FCEVDenmark continues to pursue hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The first of Hyundai’s new vehicles has been successfully delivered to Copenhagen, where it was welcomed into a municipal fleet to celebrate the opening of a new hydrogen fuel station. Denmark is one of the several countries throughout Europe that is working to establish a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Much of the country’s interest in hydrogen fuel is based on its uses in transportation. Denmark is no stranger to renewable energy, of course, as it is home to some of the most ambitious wind energy projects in the world.

Hydrogen transportation may fail without infrastructure support

Hyundai expects that Denmark will play a major role in the marketability of the ix35. Showing off the capabilities of hydrogen-powered vehicles is considered the best way to dispel some of the concerns that consumers have concerning hydrogen transportation. Without an appropriate infrastructure, however, the performance of these vehicles may not be enough to win the love of consumers around the world.

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