ITM Power says clean hydrogen fuel will keep cities working and breathable

ITM Power says clean hydrogen fuel will keep cities working and breathable

April 27, 2020 0 By John Max

The sustainable energy production and storage company says green electricity will help cities.

Clean hydrogen fuel generation and storage company ITM Power sees this form of sustainable energy as an important way to keep people working through the pandemic and keep the air breathable over the long term.

Moreover, the company is supporting key workers throughout the lockdowns and quarantines.

Among the customers using clean hydrogen fuel during the COVID-19 pandemic include London’s law enforcement, many of whom are using FCEV Metropolitan Police vehicles for their patrols and tasks. Other customers include Green Tomato Cars, an eco-friendly car rental and taxi service.

Those two customers have been using ITM Power’s clean hydrogen fuel stations in the London area, including on the M40 at Beaconsfield, the M25 at Cobham, in Rainham, and in Teddington near London. Refuelling requires only about three minutes and provides the drivers with a range as high as 400 miles.

The continuing need for clean hydrogen fuel has meant continued employment and zero-emissions.

As the customers using FCEVs are essential workers, the sustainable energy company has managed to keep its workers employed during this difficult time. Lockdowns have caused many people to have to go without pay or to be temporarily – or permanently – laid off. The need for this energy has meant that sustainable power has managed to keep its workers on, even in an industry that has struggled as much as many throughout the pandemic.

The ITM Power electrolysers generate H2 on-site. They employ renewable electricity and water for the production and dispense the fuel directly from the generation site. This means that the zero-emission fuel is produced and delivered with a zero-carbon footprint. It does not produce emissions for its generation and does not require any additional transportation infrastructure for its delivery.

As a result, while the vehicles of ITM Power customers remain on the roads during this time of vastly reduced traffic, they are not contributing any additional carbon emissions. The company feels that the clean hydrogen fuel provides many benefits in keeping people Clean Hydrogen Fuel - Reduced Traffic on Highwayemployed, supporting essential workers in their transportation, and ensuring that city air remains clear and breathable.

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