ITM Power to build new hydrogen fuel stations in London

April 2, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

ITM Power receives funding to build new fuel stations in the United Kingdom

ITM Power, a prominent developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has received a $3 million grant to build two new hydrogen fuel stations in London. These fuel stations will support the adoption of fuel cell vehicles, the first of which are expected to be released in the United Kingdom later this year. There are very few fuel cell vehicles that are currently in operation in the country, most of which are being used for demonstration purposes.

UK continues to show strong support for building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure

The United Kingdom is becoming a strong clean transportation market, largely due to its support of hydrogen fuel. The government has been investing in the establishment of a hydrogen infrastructure, which is needed for fuel cell vehicles to find success. The lack of a comprehensive infrastructure has reduced the interest that consumers have in fuel cell vehicles. In order for the United Kingdom to continue being a favored market for the auto industry, the country has been focusing more of its efforts on building hydrogen fuel stations.

United Kingdom may have 65 hydrogen stations in operation by 2020

Hydrogen Fuel Stations to be builtITM Power has partnered with retail fuel producers in order to build new hydrogen fuel stations. The company expects that it will own and operate as many as six fuel stations in the United Kingdom by 2016. These will be added to the 65 hydrogen fuel stations that the UK government plans to install by 2020. The funding that ITM Power has received has been issued through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles, which has been investing heavily into the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

Automakers have plans to launch fuel cell vehicles later this year

Several automakers have plans to launch fuel cell vehicles in the coming years. Toyota plans to launch its own fuel cell vehicle in the commercial market later this year, with Hyundai following suit. Honda, another company interested in hydrogen fuel cells, is expected to release a fuel cell vehicle at some point in the coming years.

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