Renewable energy shows strong progress in the UK

Renewable energy shows strong progress in the UK

May 15, 2013 Off By Stephen Vagus

UK Renewable Energy Strong Progress

UK reports promising growth in renewable energy

Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has made promising progress toward its goals of abandoning fossil-fuels. The country has taken a strong interest in solar and wind energy, but has also been investing somewhat in other forms of renewable energy. The UK government recently released a new report concerning the growth of renewable energy throughout the country in the fourth quarter of 2012. This is the most recent report concerning the progress of renewable energy in the country.

UK continues to overcome challenges it faces in sustainability

The United Kingdom may not be considered a leader in some areas of the renewable energy field, such as solar power, which is largely dominated by Germany. The country is, however, strong on all renewable energy fronts, believing that a relatively well-rounded approach to the matter of energy sustainability may be the best option. Despite a well-rounded focus, the country has faced several challenges in the renewable energy sector over the past year, but these challenges were not enough to derail progress in any significant fashion.

Renewable energy accounts for 11.3% of all energy production in 2012

According to the report, 11.3% of the UK’s energy in 2012 came from renewable sources, up from the 9.4% that renewables accounted for in 2011. In the fourth quarter of 2012, renewable energy’s market share rose by 12.5%, helping bring the total renewable energy generation in the country to 41.1 terawatt-hours. The report shows that offshore wind energy contributed the most to the growth of renewable energy in the UK, accounting for approximately 7.5 terawatt-hours of energy production in 2012.

UK continues to work toward sustainability

The United Kingdom continues to show strong results in the renewable energy field, but it has yet to establish itself as a leading force in any particular field. The country is currently host to very ambitious offshore wind energy projects as well as those concerning hydrogen fuel. Whether these projects will propel the country into a leadership position is uncertain, but the UK government is currently more concerned with matters of sustainability rather than pomp.

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