Report highlights growth of renewable energy investments

July 3, 2014 0 By Tami Hood

Renewable energy growth

Clean energy investments to skyrocket over the next 15 years

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has released its new 2030 Market Outlook report, highlighting the growing investments in renewable energy. Investing in clean power has become quite popular throughout the world, especially among governments that are looking to take advantage of the economic benefits of certain forms of clean energy. Businesses are also beginning to invest in clean energy quite heavily, aiming to cut costs on energy expenditures in the future and comply with emissions regulations coming from the world’s governments.

Clean energy could account for 65% of new energy investments through 2030

According to the report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewable energy could represent as much as 65% of the $7.7 trillion in new energy investments over the next 15 years. Clean energy could also represent 60% of all new energy capacity throughout the world in the same amount of time. The report suggests that the world is reaching a tipping point in terms of energy and a full transition away from fossil-fuels may be seen within the coming decades.

Funding is powering the growth of new energy projects throughout the world

Funding is vital to the growth of clean energy. Over the past several years, funding for clean energy has been somewhat modest, with fossil-fuels attracting the majority of financial support. Concerns regarding climate change and the changing economic environment are bringing more attention to the renewable energy field, however, and strong investments are coming along with this attention. Much of the world has invested so much into clean energy that is would be economically catastrophic to abandon the pursuit of clean power at this point.

China may lead the way in terms of clean energy investments

China is expected to lead the way when it comes to renewable energy investments, followed by India and Japan. There is a strong demand for clean energy in the Asian Pacific region and the countries therein are working to satisfy this demand. The countries investing aggressively in clean energy see major economic and environmental promise in renewable power, particularly solar energy.

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