Rhino Doors offers the hydrogen economy meaningful safety support

Rhino Doors offers the hydrogen economy meaningful safety support

October 27, 2020 0 By Angie Bergenson

The company has developed a series of Ultra Fast Explosion Relief solutions.

Rhino Doors has announced the development of a series of Ultra Fast Explosion Relief (UFER) solutions. These were designed to meet hydrogen’s unique explosion and blast characteristics to meet the new ISO 19880 standard and enhance protection at hydrogen fuelling stations.

The ISO 19880 standard was published in March 2020 to reduce risks at hydrogen fuelling stations.

The standard provides the global industry with normative and informative guidance and ISO 19880 in particular underscored safety. Fire and explosion mitigation were emphasized, as were quantitative risk assessment and the importance of adequate distancing between fuel station process elements and the public.

Rhino Doors developed their proprietary explosion relieving and resisting components of protection of protection structures range with such safety standards in mind. This range was initially developed for onshore and offshore oil and gas industries. However, they have now been redeveloped and adapted to meet the specific requirements of the hydrogen fuel industry.

The Rhino Doors range is compliant with the European standard for explosion venting devices EN14797.

Among the features of the new range are:

  • Electrolyzer and enclosed compressor module stainless steel explosion relief doors with ultra-fast opening, which can be retrofitted to suit existing modules.
  • Wall and roof ultra-fast explosion relief panels in stainless steel with external blast resistance and burglar bars.
  • Canopy explosion relief roof decking for minimizing projectile formation and decrease design explosion impulse on supporting structure by about 60 percent.
  • Enclosure blast and fire resisting containment structures.
  • Blast and fire resisting free-standing steel protection walls.
  • Flame quenching perforated stainless steel wall panels.
  • On-site manned shelter blast resisting doors and windows and “escape-to” muster areas.

“Personnel at Rhino Doors have been at the forefront of explosion relief protection for the Oil & Gas industry for many years. We’re now drawing upon this experience to create ultra fast explosion relief solutions for the burgeoning hydrogen fuel economy. With these solutions in place, fuelling stations and hydrogen electrolysers alike can be confident they can meet the requirements of the new ISO 19880 standard,” said Stuart Lawrence, the company’s managing director.

Rhino Doors - Gas StationThese new Rhino Doors solutions are slated to come to market following an additional testing period and further research in 2021.

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