Solar energy capacity grows in the UK

August 15, 2014 0 By John Max

1 GW of solar power was installed in the UK during the first half of the year

The United Kingdom’s solar energy capacity is showing healthy signs of growth. According to a report from the Department of Climate Change, more than 1 gigawatt of solar power capacity was installed throughout the country in the first half of this year. The UK managed to outpace Germany for the first time in regards to solar installations and this momentum may carry on into the future. Solar power has received significant support from the UK government and the private sector.

Country aims to have solar account for 15% of its energy mix

Currently, the UK’s total solar power capacity stands are just over 4 gigawatts. The government intends to have solar power account for 15% of all its energy by 2020. While the government has recently adopted a stronger stance on wind energy support, solar power remains the most popular form of clean energy in the country.

Government is considering introducing an automated approval system for rooftop solar installations

Solar Energy GrowthThe UK has ambitious goals when it comes to solar energy adoption. In order to accomplish these goals, the government is considering introducing an automatic approval process for rooftop solar installations. This process would provide immediate approval for such projects, allowing them to avoid some of the bureaucracy involved in the renewable energy space and quickly introduce new energy capacity to the country. The installations that would receive automatic approval will have a maximum capacity of 1 megawatt. Currently, an automated approval process is in place, but only approves installations with a maximum capacity of 50 kilowatts.

Subsidy program supporting solar power could be repealed soon

Solar power may be gaining momentum in the UK, but subsidies being offered by the government in support of solar power may soon be disappearing. The government’s subsidy program has proven to be so popular that it is running out of funding at a faster rate than expected. The program is expected to become a financial liability for the government in the near future, and officials are looking to repeal the program early than expected. Some of the UK’s prominent solar power companies are fighting to ensure that the subsidy program remains intact.

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