Spanish researchers develop new renewable energy system

Spanish researchers develop new renewable energy system

July 8, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

New renewable energy systems seeks to harness the power of the ocean

The ocean is home to many marvels that few people have ever seen, but it may also be a promising source of energy that has gone mostly untapped for years. While some technologies have been developed to tap into the energy potential of the ocean, these technologies have yet to acquire any significant level of support with the majority of the world. A new renewable energy system may be able to change that, however, thanks to researchers from the Universidad Politecnica in Madrid, Spain.

New system is unlike conventional counterparts

Researchers have developed a new renewable energy system that is designed to produce electrical energy by harnessing the kinetic force of ocean currents. The system is unlike its conventional counterparts in that it is smaller, less expensive to produce, can operate in relatively deep waters, and can be controlled by a remote. The system is one-tenth the size of its counterparts and has the potential to generate up to 1 megawatt of electrical power.

Renewable energy researchSystem could be an effective renewable energy tool

The system is still in very early stages of development, but researchers suggest that it could be a promising renewable energy tool. One of the most attractive features of the system is the fact that it is expected to be significantly less expensive than conventional options. Modern ocean-based energy systems are quite large and must be designed to operate in waters that are, at most, 50 meters deep. These systems are typically expensive to produce and maintain, which offsets any potential financial benefits that could be attained through the use of renewable energy.

Researchers working on larger prototype for the future

The research team responsible for the new renewable energy system is currently working to develop a larger prototype of the system. The team aims to improve the system’s performance with the next prototype and focus on energy production through use of ocean currents. If researchers can find a way to make a large scale system, they may be able to create an effective system that can reap the renewable energy potential of the ocean.

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