The Netherlands confirms plans for electric vehicles

The Netherlands confirms plans for electric vehicles

October 16, 2017 0 By Stephen Vagus

Dutch government will be banning the sale of all new gas-powered vehicles by 2030

The Dutch government has confirmed its plans to make all new cars emission-free by 2030. The Netherlands has taken the issue of clean transportation very seriously. The country intends to cut emissions by a significant level and it aims to accomplish this by making conventional vehicles no longer accessible. The government’s plan effectively serves as a ban on all gas powered cars by 2030, with only electric vehicles to be available thereafter.

Government targets transportation to meet its environmental goals

The concept of banning the sale of all conventional vehicles has been under consideration since last year. Government parties had initially considered instituting this ban as early as 2025. Now, however, the government is opting to have the deadline set at 2030. Currently, less than 2% of the country’s cars are electric vehicles. This will change in the coming years, however, as the government begins to provide these vehicles with significantly more support. New incentives are likely to be created that will encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Batteries and fuel cells will be used to power future electric vehicles

Most of the world’s leading automakers already offer clean vehicles. Many are focused on using batteries to power these cars, but some are opting to use hydrogen fuel cells instead. Some automakers see fuel cells as superior to batteries due to their efficiency and overall high performance capabilities. Fuel cells are quite expensive, however, and they lack the infrastructure support they need to be attractive to consumers. As such, battery electric vehicles are likely to become the most favored among drivers.

Transportation set to become more environmentally friendly in the Netherlands

The Dutch government is expected to introduce stricter emissions regulations in the coming years. These regulations may spur greater interest in electric vehicles in general. By 2030, no gas-powered vehicles will be sold throughout the country, making the only new vehicles available in the Netherlands powered by either batteries or hydrogen fuel cells.

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