Toyota and Panasonic team to aid electric vehicles

Toyota and Panasonic team to aid electric vehicles

December 14, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

New partnership seeks to establish standards for battery technology

Toyota and Panasonic have formed a new partnership in order to establish new standards for the batteries used in electric vehicles. The two companies are currently working on the final details concerning these standards. The partnership could help Japanese automakers compete more effectively with foreign companies. Automakers outside of Japan have established a significant lead when it comes to using advanced battery technology to power new vehicles.

Better batteries could help make electric vehicles more affordable

Both Toyota and Panasonic are currently inviting other companies to help form new battery standards as well. Eventually, the currently small partnership could develop into a major consortium, especially if other major automakers decide to help. Overall, the partnership aims to reduce the cost of producing batteries while also improving their performance capabilities and efficiency. This could help make electric vehicles significantly more attractive to consumers, especially where price is concerned.

Toyota is not only focused on hydrogen fuel

Toyota has shown particular support for hydrogen fuel cells, which are often used to power electric vehicles. While the company has placed much of its focus on fuel cells, it is still invested in battery technology. The automaker is not eager to limit itself in the field of clean transportation and is currently working to catch up with its competitors in other countries when it comes to producing electric vehicles. Notably, foreign governments are also placing greater focus on conventional battery electric vehicles, hoping to encourage more consumers to become involved in the clean transportation space.

Fuel cells may still be a better option than batteries in the future

Despite a growing focus on battery technology, Toyota and several other automakers still plan to launch fuel cell vehicles. Toyota believes that fuel cells will eventually be the primary energy system for clean vehicles in the future. Regardless, companies believe that battery technology must be improved in order to ensure the future success and stability of the clean transportation space.

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