Toyota begins showing off the new Prius Prime

October 6, 2016 0 By Bret Williams

Automaker has a new, very promising vehicle

Toyota is expressing a great deal of enthusiasm for its new Prius Prime, which is an updated version of its popular Prius vehicle. The automaker has begun to show very strong support for clean technology and how this technology can be used in transportation. For many years, Toyota’s Prius, as well as its other vehicles, have served as indicators for future products from the company. The Prius Prime may follow this trend, especially when it comes to building larger vehicles making use of renewable energy.

Toyota continues to show favor for hydrogen fuel cells

Apart from the Prius Prime, Toyota is showing significant attention to hydrogen fuel cell technology. These energy systems are being used in Toyota’s new Mirai, which was launched in December of 2015. For Toyota, hydrogen fuel cells show a great deal of promise because their favorable range of fueling time. Fuel cells can also produce large quantities of electrical power, which makes them very attractive for use in large vehicles.

Lack of infrastructure support keeps fuel cell adoption down

One of the primary problems with hydrogen fuel cells is their lack of infrastructure support. Toyota’s Brian Williams notes that a low number of hydrogen fuel stations makes fuel cell vehicles somewhat unattractive to consumers despite the energy benefits of these cars. Consumers are becoming much more invested in clean transportation, but they have significant concerns regarding the availability of hydrogen. While hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements, there are very few hydrogen stations available to the public currently.

Prius Prime will cost approximately $27,100

The Toyota Prius Prime is expected to cost approximately $27,100 and will have a mileage of 124 miles.  The automaker hopes that the Prime will have a significant impact on those interested in clean transportation but without a clean vehicle of their own. The acclaimed reliability of Toyota’s vehicles will likely draw more attention to the new Prius Prime.


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