ULEMCo to supply Glasgow with hydrogen fueled gritters

ULEMCo to supply Glasgow with hydrogen fueled gritters

September 4, 2020 0 By Erin Kilgore

The deal represents the biggest H2 dual fuel conversion project so far.

ULEMCo has announced the launch of the largest single deployment of H2 dual fuel vehicles so far in its deal to deliver hydrogen fueled gritters to Glasgow.

The company is recognized for its adoption of ultra-low emission H2 in the United Kingdom.

The agreement involving the hydrogen fueled gritters – also known as sanders or salt trucks, which spread salt or sand on roadways in the winter – occurred in response to an order secured with James A Cuthbertson Ltd, a Scottish firm, which involved a transformation of the existing fleet used by the Glasgow City Council. This transformation involves new machinery that will be powered by H2. Transport Scotland funding received by the Scottish government made it possible for 20 gritter/multipurpose vehicles to be road-ready and on the city’s streets by the winter. This will make it possible for a meaningful CO2 emissions reduction.

About half the 20-vehicle fleet will be H2 enabled from the start. The other half will be converted to hydrogen dual fuel. When examining the typical duty cycles of the machinery, about one third of the energy used is expected to be provided by hydrogen fuel. Therefore, the project participants expect that one third of the emissions from those vehicles will also be saved from their use this winter.

The hydrogen fueled gritters are one component of a broader City Council effort for renewable energy use.

The Glasgow City Council is working to procure “green hydrogen” for its fleet’s refueling. From this effort, the belief is that air pollution emissions such as NOx will be substantially reduced when compared to the conventional form of the vehicles used until now. The ULEMCo H2ICED® technology makes certain that the H2 fuel mix is as efficient as possible, helping to minimize emissions produced by the vehicles using it.

The market for ULEMCo’s H2 dual fuel conversions in “back to base” utility vehicles. These are appealing vehicles to convert to H2 as the cleaner performance is immediately easy to see. This project represents the first gritter truck conversion and is the firm’s largest ever volume order.

By adding a fleet of hydrogen fueled gritters in this way contributes to the justification for ULEMCo Hydrogen fueled grittersinvesting in an H2 fueling infrastructure at the same time that it saves CO2 and other air pollution emissions.

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