Wind energy jobs in Iowa expected to double or triple by 2030

Wind energy jobs in Iowa expected to double or triple by 2030

October 12, 2020 0 By Angie Bergenson

The renewable energy market is expected to see tremendous growth over the next decade.

Even in the current economic struggles recorded worldwide, wind energy jobs are expected to take off over the next ten years. Iowa is aligning itself to enjoy the benefits of this particular trend.

There are currently 9,000 to 10,000 people employed in this industry, says the American Energy Association.

Under the right conditions, that figure is expected to double or even triple within the coming decade.

“You can really see a pathway where wind comes back stronger than ever before in the state,” said Advanced Energy Economy managing director J.R. Tolbert. That organization is a national association of renewable energy companies. “I wouldn’t put it in stone that there will be that many jobs, but the future is bright for wind energy if we can move policy at the state and federal level to make that happen.”

Iowa is highly optimistic over the potential for this level of growth. The Iowa Environmental Council is aiming to double the electricity production from this renewable energy source. From there, it intends to grow its industry even further. With it, the state also seeks to benefit from the wind energy jobs that will be created.

Renewable energy is taking off and wind energy jobs could help with Iowa’s economic recovery.

“We think there’s a need — and the capacity — to actually do more than that,” said Iowa Environmental Council energy program director Kerri Johannsen. “Iowa has great wind potential.”

Johannsen “absolutely” views this as a direct route to thousands of new jobs in everything from manufacturing to the maintenance of the wind turbines. The wind farm lease payments could also lead to meaningful job creation in rural parts of the state, said Johannsen.

That said, all these projections for wind energy jobs are based on policy decisions that occur in the immediate future, even before the pandemic is behind us.

Wind energy jobs - wind turbines“Policy will matter in the way wind comes out of the pandemic,” said Tolbert. “If Congress can come up with a plan that leans into domestic manufacturing, that’s going to help the entire clean energy industry.”

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