UK government commits more support to fuel cell vehicles

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Arcola Energy and Haydale Composite Solutions will work together to develop new fuel cell vehicles Arcola Energy, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, and Haydale Composite Solutions, makers of gas storage tanks, have received the backing of the British government this week. The two companies will work together to develop a new drivetrain for commercial vans and trucks. The drivetrain will be based on hydrogen technology, which will ensure that the vans and trucks produce no harmful emissions while operating, similar to passenger vehicles equipped with fuel cells. Funding aims…

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ITM Power signs new deal to supply Hyundai with hydrogen fuel

New contract will have ITM Power supply hydrogen fuel to Hyundai Motor UK ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and storage solutions, has signed a new fuel contract with Hyundai Motor UK. Through this contract, ITM Power will be providing the fuel needed to power the automaker’s fleet comprised of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles were developed by Hyundai in an effort to promote clean transportation. These vehicles have to the United Kingdom, where they are largely being used by companies and government organizations interested in clean…

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Companies team to bring hydrogen fuel cells to commercial vans in the UK

ITM Power joins with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy to promote fuel cell technology ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has partnered with Symbio FCell and Arcola Energy in the United Kingdom. Through this partnership, ITM Power aims to provide support and technology for commercial van fleets that are powered by fuel cells. Such vehicles have become more attractive in the UK among businesses, as they can operate for long periods of time and are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional vans. Symbio FCell…

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Mobile application seeks to tap the power of creative amateur engineers

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Technology companies team to develop ambitious app A team of technology companies have come together to develop a mobile application designed specifically for those in the hydrogen fuel industry. Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, MIT Fab Labs and Arcola Energy, all technology companies with an interest in alternative energy, have partnered to take on the challenge of developing an application that could solve some of the problems concerning hydrogen-powered transportation and a fuel infrastructure. If successful, the application could have far reaching implications for the hydrogen industry as a whole. It…

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