Europe shows greater commitment to offshore wind energy

Europe Offshore Wind Energy Commitment - Flag of European Union

Offshore wind energy wins the support of European leaders Leaders throughout Europe have come together to declare their commitment for offshore wind energy. Government representatives from Germany, Belgium, and Denmark gathered at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 industry event with the intent to show more support for a growing sector. Offshore projects have been taking form in several European markets, with these projects showing a great deal of economic promise. European countries intend to support the development of new projects in order to take advantage of these economic prospects. Countries…

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EU looks to better understand its hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Clean vehicles continue to become popular in Europe, with the EU showing favor for fuel cell vehicles Clean transportation is gaining traction in Europe and many governments are beginning to look for ways to encourage consumers to purchase zero emission vehicles. The European Union’s TEN-T Program will be investing nearly $4 million in studying Europe’s current hydrogen fuel infrastructure in order to determine what efforts could be made to further expand this framework for fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are expected to be released in some parts of Europe as…

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Hydrogen fuel buses to come from new partnership

Ballard teams with Van Hool Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of fuel cells, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Van Hool, a bus manufacturer based in Belgium. Per the non-binding agreement, the two companies will work together to develop a new line of hydrogen fuel buses. These types of buses are becoming quite popular throughout Europe, where many countries are looking to cut down on the emissions related to public transportation. Hydrogen fuel buses are already relatively active in Germany and France. Companies seek to answer calls…

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Air Liquide installs hydrogen fuel cell system in Belgium

Air Liquide - Hydrogen Fuel Stations

Hydrogen fuel cell system put to use by Belgacom Air Liquide, a leading global producer of industrial gases, has finished installing the first hydrogen fuel cell system at a remote site in Belgium. The fuel cell system is designed to serve as a back-up power source for Belgacom, one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies. The site is located in Wemmel and will help ensure that telecommunications networks in the area are kept functioning. The telecommunications industry has been growing to become a very strong advocate for hydrogen fuel cells…

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Hydrogen fuel collaboration formed in Europe

Hydrogen Fuel Europe

Cross-borders hydrogen fuel collaboration takes form in Europe Hydrogen fuel is gaining more momentum in Europe as several countries begin to come together to support cross-border initiatives. Within the coming months, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany are expected to come together to support one of the region’s first cross-border hydrogen fuel ventures. WaterstofNet and HyCologne, two hydrogen initiatives based in Europe, are poised to collaborate to promote the use of hydrogen in various markets. The collaboration of these two initiatives will develop new markets for hydrogen fuel that may have…

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Alternative energy venture from Belgium aims to address storage

Alternative Energy Belgium

Belgium looks to build artificial island for the sake of alternative energy When it comes to alternative energy, storage is often a matter of concern. Traditional storage technologies and methods are not designed to synergize with alternative energy systems. Because of this, a portion of the clean power being pumped into a conventional storage system gets lost in translation, creating a glaring inefficiency that has kept many renewable energies from receiving widespread adoption. Belgium has been working to solve the issues that exist with alternative energy storage and believes that…

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STILL GmbH announces new trials for hydrogen forklifts

Hydrogen fuel forklift

STILL GmbH continues to show off hydrogen forklifts Germany’s STILL GmbH, a leading developer of materials handling equipment, has been showing off its latest hydrogen forklifts recently. The company attended the 29th German Logistics Congress in Berlin earlier this month, where it showcased many of its fuel cell-equipped forklifts. These vehicles, as well as the fuel cells they use, have been in development since 2002 and STILL GmbH believes that they are now ready for testing in the field beyond Germany. Forklifts heading to Belgium for pilot project STILL GmbH…

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Report highlights the cost of environmental policies and regulations

EU Alternative Energy

  Bloomberg reports on recently dismantled CO2 regulations Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a research firm part of the Bloomberg Finance network, has released a new report concerning the economic effects of environmentally friendly regulations coming from the European Union. The report focuses on a regulation that would have raised the EU’s CO2 reduction target to 30% by 2020, up from the current 20%. The regulation was dismantled last month by Poland, a move that was spurred by concerns of the regulation’s economic impact. Europe continues to struggle with a complicated…

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