Renewable energy now employs more than 10 million globally

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Report shows that there are more than 10 million clean power jobs There are now more than 10 million people employed in the global renewable energy sector, according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency. Approximately 500,000 new jobs were created within this sector in 2017. This accounted for a 5.3% increase in clean power jobs overall. The trend is expected to continue well into the future as more countries begin to embrace clean power as a way to replace fossil-fuels and cut down on emissions. China…

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Nissan shows off new solid oxide fuel cell vehicle in Brazil

Olympics gives Nissan an opportunity to show off its new clean vehicle The 2016 Olympic Games are in full swing in Brazil and Japanese automaker Nissan has taken the chance to show off its first solid oxide fuel cell vehicle. The new car is powered entirely by ethanol and an ethanol-water blend. The solid oxide fuel cell consumes ethanol in order to generate hydrogen, which is then used to produce electricity. According to Nissan, the vehicle is so efficient it can travel nearly 400 miles before needing to be refueled.…

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Developing countries are embracing solar power

Solar is becoming more affordable, making it ideal for developing countries The cost of solar energy is falling, making this form of clean power more attractive to those living in developing countries. Several developing countries have begun to embrace solar energy in order to save money on the energy they consume and reduce their reliance on foreign sources of power. In fact, developing countries accounted for more new solar installations than developed countries last year, making the developing world a more attractive market for solar developers. Solar market likely to…

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Solar energy market could become an economic boon for Brazil

Embracing solar power is expected to create new economic opportunities for Brazil Solar energy could become a major source of economic growth for Brazil in the coming years, according to a report released by Greenpeace. The country’s solar sector has been growing over the past few years and the demand for new projects has been on a steady rise. The report from Greenpeace suggests that Brazil’s solar energy market could create millions of new jobs, creating new economic opportunities, but only if the Brazilian government chooses to adopt measures that…

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New game highlights Brazil’s solar energy potential

Solariza provides gamers with insight into solar power A new game focused on solar energy has been launched in Brazil. The game is called Solariza and is designed to be a solar development program that allows players to build their own energy systems in different parts of the country. The purpose of the game is to determine the potential for solar power in Brazil and, like other development simulators, it is meant to provide a deeper insight into what it takes to build a solar power system in an entertaining…

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20 GW of solar energy proposals are pending in Brazil

Renewable energy auction draws flood of proposals for solar projects Solar energy is gaining significant momentum in Brazil. The country is currently accepting bids for new renewable energy capacity and intends to award projects to developers in the near future. To date, Brazil has received 20.593 gigawatts of solar energy project proposals, coming from 649 different bids. Solar proposals have eclipsed wind energy proposals, with some 17 gigawatts of wind projects being proposed in the country, coming from 730 bids. Some solar energy projects may be oversubscribed While solar energy…

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Yingli Solar reaches a milestone in the solar energy field

Company has supplied some 10 GW worth of photovoltaic modules worldwide Yingli Solar, a leading producer of photovoltaic modules, has reached a major milestone. The company has announced that it has supplied a cumulative 10 gigawatts worth of solar modules globally. The company suggests that when these modules are fully operational, they have the potential to generate a combined 12 billion kilowatt-hours worth of electrical power every year. This is enough to power some 4 million average homes or meet 20% of China’s residential energy demand. Majority of solar shipments…

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Reverse auction for renewable energy underway in Brazil

Energy projects offer up a collective 26 GW of capacity to the Brazilian government Brazil is becoming an active renewable energy market, especially when it comes to wind power. The country has been investing in new forms of energy to reduce its reliance of fossil-fuels from foreign sources and boost its economy. Energy developers from around the world are beginning to flock to Brazil to take advantage of certain incentives and find a home for their ambitious energy projects. Many of these developers have managed to find significant success in…

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Brazil sets sights for a future powered by wind energy

Country intends to be a leader in wind power Brazil has plans to be the leading country in Latin America when it comes to wind energy. The country has been investing in wind power quite aggressively in recent years. Like other countries that have begun to focus on clean power, Brazil has an interest in the environmental and economic benefits that wind power represents. The country already boasts of a sizeable wind energy capacity, but is now working to bolster this capacity significantly over the next 10 years. Brazil aims…

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Brazilian solar energy potential proves attractive to foreign companies

Foreign companies flock to Brazil to tap into solar energy Solar energy is growing at a rapid pace around the world. Much of this growth is being driven by the growing need some countries have to distance themselves from fossil-fuels in order to mitigate any potential impact that climate change may have on the world. Brazil has become one of the most attractive solar energy markets in the world and has been garnering the attention of several companies from other countries that are interested in the Brazilian solar sector. US…

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Sao Paulo aims for 1GW of solar energy by 2020

Sao Paulo sets the bar high for solar energy Sao Paulo, Brazil, has set an ambitious new goal for itself concerning solar energy. The state is widely considered to be the economic and industrial hub of the country and has seen solar energy grow in popularity significantly over the past few years. Now, Sao Paulo is interested in reaching at least 1 gigawatt of solar energy capacity by 2020. While the goal is ambitious, Brazil is considered to be one of the most promising locations in the world when it…

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Solar energy set for aggressive growth in Latin America

Solar Energy Big Year

Report highlights the growing trend of solar energy in Latin America and the Caribbean The Americas hold a great deal of promise when it comes to solar energy. In the U.S., solar energy is receiving a significant amount of support that seems to grow by the day. South American countries have begun embracing solar energy in an aggressive manner, hoping to take advantage of the economic benefits that could be had from abandoning fossil-fuels. A new report from Solarbuzz, a solar energy market research firm, shows that the demand for…

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General Electric sees promise in Brazilian wind energy sector

Wind Energy

General Electric foresees rapid expansion of Brazilian wind energy Brazil may be home to the fastest growing wind energy market in the world. General Electric, which has several ambitious wind energy projects taking root in the country, has announced that it expects to see some $1 billion in turbine sales in Brazil over the next decade. There are numerous other energy companies that have flocked to the country to take advantage of the quickly growing wind energy sector, but General Electric is expected to be a dominating force therein for…

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Solar energy finds support in Brazil

Solar Energy Developer Acquired

Brazilian government showing more support for solar energy Brazil has established itself as a beacon of sustainability, largely due to the country’s reliance on hydropower. Though the country still makes use of fossil-fuels, the government has made significant progress is cutting ties with oil and coal over the years, focusing instead on alternative energy. Wind energy has been gaining momentum in Brazil, but it is solar energy that could become the country’s most favored form of clean power. New initiative aims to develop grid-connecting energy project The Brazilian government has…

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Saudi Arabia continues to push for alternative energy

Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy

Saudi Arabia aims for energy independence Saudi Arabia has been making waves in alternative energy news recently. The country is one of the world’s top exporters of oil, but has begun seeing longevity problems with its production of the fossil-fuels. Growing tensions in the Middle East, more countries looking to renewable sources of energy, and other factors are making oil production more costly. It is becoming more difficult for Saudi Arabia to mitigate these costs through the sale of oil. As such, the country is making bold steps to become…

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Brazil sees economic success with renewable energy

Brazil Renewable Energy

Renewable energy proves financially beneficial to Brazil A new report from Research and Markets, a provider of market research materials, shows that Brazil has found a degree of financial success from adopting alternative energy. The report, titled “Renewable Energy Brazil,” provides information on the economic benefits the country has seen through its alternative energy plans. Brazil is quickly becoming one of the strongest advocates for renewable energy and is expected to be a world leader in this sector within the coming years. The country’s keen focus on biofuels and solar…

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