Solar energy industry employs more than Apple, Google, and Facebook combined

Solar Energy Industry - Jobs

The solar energy industry is experiencing unprecedented growth The use of solar power throughout the world has accelerated over the past few years. This has led to impressive growth in the solar energy industry. The past nine years has seen a 30-fold increase in photovoltaic sales and now the industry employs a staggering amount of people. According to a new report from GTM Research, the annual global demand for photovoltaic products grew by more than 50% last year. This has contributed to a decline in cost of these products, making…

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New Facebook data center to be powered by wind energy

Data center to be 100% energy sustainable Facebook has been working to establish a more environmentally friendly presence in recent years. As such, the company has been moving to become more inclusive of renewable energy of various types. Clean power can help the social media giant reduce the emissions it produces on a yearly basis, but it can also help the company avoid some of the costs associated with more conventional forms of energy. Facebook has announced that one of its new data centers will be powered entirely by wind…

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Microsoft shows interest in fuel cells

Fuel cells could power Microsoft data centers Microsoft has been an advocate for renewable energy for some time. The company has investing in clean power projects around the world, but it is beginning to take a more domestic approach in its advocacy. The technology company is expected to make use of fuel cells to power its data centers in the near future. Currently, Microsoft’s data centers are powered by electricity that is produced off-site and the company is looking for a more efficient solution for the future. Company sets sights…

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Google takes top ranking in renewable energy report from Greenpeace

Google Renewable Energy Top Ranking

Greenpeace issues renewable energy report highlighting technology companies Greenpeace, a sometimes notorious environmentalist organization, has released its sixth “Cool IT Leaderboard” report, which ranks some of the world’s largest companies based on their environmental friendliness and their adoption of renewable energy. In past reports, companies that have failed to attain high rankings have been harshly criticized by the organization. This criticism often comes with a significant amount of attention from the general public, which is often enough to encourage companies to take action on the issue of renewable energy. Google and…

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Opower launches Facebook application to give people an understanding of energy efficiency

Social Networking App

Social networking app helping alternative energy awareness Alternative energy and environmentalism are two concepts that go hand-in-hand. Both subjects are surrounded by a significant amount of controversy which has led progress on these fronts to stagnate and people to lose interest. Alternative energy and environmentalism are often political issues, but psychology may play a bigger role in the matter that some people may think. In 1984, Doctor Robert Cialdini, a professor of psychology and marketing at the Arizona State University, introduced the concept of “social proof” in his book Influence:…

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