India’s first bus equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell begins operation

Hydrogen Fuel - Bus on Road in India

IndianOil and Tata Motors launch demonstration trial for fuel cell bus India’s first hydrogen-powered bus has begun operation as part of a demonstration trial. The trial comes from IndianOil and Tata Motors, who developed the technology powering the new bus. The overarching project that the bus is a part of is focused on highlighting how hydrogen fuel cells can be used to power clean vehicles. These energy systems consume hydrogen and generate electricity without producing any harmful emissions. As such, they are quickly gaining popularity in the public transportation space.…

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Toyota launches new fuel cell bus in Tokyo

Fuel Cell Bus - Image of Tokyo City, Japan

Automaker bring a new fuel cell bus to Tokyo Toyota’s first fuel cell bus has come to Japan. The automaker has delivered this new vehicle to the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan government. The agency will begin regularly operating the new bus beginning in March. Toyota has plans to deliver its second fuel cell bus later that month as well. Tokyo officials believe that more than 100 fuel cell buses will be operating in the city by 2020, when the city will play host to the 2020 Olympic…

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Hyundai to update its fuel cell vehicle to be 30% more efficient

Hyundai ix35 hydrogen fuel car

New clean vehicle model expected to be launched in 2018 South Korean automaker Hyundai is preparing to release another clean vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, but it may not be available until early 2018. The company already has a fuel cell vehicle available, called the ix35, and it began delivering the first of these new cars to the United States in June of 2014. Since then, other major automakers have released their own fuel cell vehicles, some finding modest success with their offerings. Hyundai’s new vehicle, however, could…

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Toyota to bring a new hydrogen fuel bus to Japan

Toyota teams with Hino Motors to produce a new fuel cell bus for Japan Toyota has teamed with one of its subsidiaries, Hino Motors, to bring a new fuel cell bus to Japan. The bus is based on the hybrid buses that Hino has developed in the past and will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell that has been designed by Toyota. This same fuel cell technology is being used to power another Toyota vehicle, the Mirai, which was launched in Japan late last year. Clean transportation continues to…

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New Flyer teams with CALSTART to build a hydrogen fuel bus

Organizations form partnership to develop one of the largest fuel cell buses in North America New Flyer Industries, a bus manufacturer based in Canada, has announced that it has begun working with CALSTART, a non-profit clean transportation organization. Together, the two organizations will develop a new, 60-foot battery fuel cell hybrid bus that will be part of New Flyer’s Xcelsior X60 platform. This will be one of the largest hybrid buses that has been built and put into operation in North America. The bus will use both a hydrogen fuel…

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Toyota aims to take fuel cells beyond vehicles

FC Bus - Fuel Cells

Toyota continues to break ground in the field of hydrogen fuel cells Famed Japanese automaker Toyota recently announced that it would be developing a full-fledged hydrogen-powered vehicle. The automaker is among the first to produce a commercially successful hybrid vehicle, the Prius, which laid the foundation for future iterations of alternative energy transportation. Though Toyota has become a powerful name in the alternative energy sector, it still has a strong focus on traditional vehicles, which puts the company at odds with fuel efficiency standards that are coming from many of…

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Calstart wins funding from Federal Transit Administration

Hydrogenics Hydrogen Propulsion Technology News

$6.6 million in funding goes to Calstart The U.S. government has awarded Calstart, an organization devoted to promoting hydrogen-powered transportation and zero emission vehicles, with $6.6 million in funding. The Federal Transit Administration, the agency that issued the funds, believes that the organization has shown promising progress in promoting alternative energy and how these energies can be used for transportation. Calstart will be using the funds to develop environmentally friendly mass transit options and will bolster existing systems throughout the country with its fleet of fuel cell buses. Funds to…

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