SunEdison to build new wind energy project in Maine

SunEdison finalizes financing of wind energy projects and begins construction SunEdison, the world’s largest renewable energy company, has announced that it has finalized financing of a new wind energy project that will be developed in Maine. The company has begun construction on the project, which is called the Bingham Wind Project. The wind energy system will be located in Somerset County, and once completed it will be the largest wind energy project of its kind in the New England area. Wind energy is gaining momentum despite lack of government support…

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Gamesa to deliver turbines to new wind energy project in Scotland

Scottish wind farm will make use of Gamesa wind turbines Gamesa, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, has been awarded a contract to participate in a new wind energy project in southern Scotland. The project, called the Kilgallioch Wind Farm, is being developed by ScottishPower Renewables and will produce approximately 239 megawatts of electrical power when it is completed. Scotland has been showing strong support for wind energy in recent years, with the government looking for an effective alternative to fossil-fuels. Gamesa to deliver a total of 96 wind turbines…

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Gamesa to deliver turbines to wind energy projects in India

Gamesa will supply innovative wind turbines to projects in three Indian states Gamesa, a leading wind energy company, has announced that it will be delivering some of its innovative wind turbines to projects that are taking form in India. The Indian government has begun showing strong support for wind power, highlighting the economic prospects of this form of clean energy as well as its environmentally friendly nature. Gamesa’s wind turbines will be installed at wind farms located in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. 46 MW of wind turbines are coming…

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Companies come together to boost Europe’s wind energy capacity

Gamesa and Areva team to launch new joint venture Gamesa and Areva, both prominent developers of wind turbines, have announced that they are partnering in order to bring more wind energy capacity to the European market. The two companies have come together to form a joint venture that will serve as a type of testing ground for new wind turbines coming from both of its parent companies. The joint venture will produce electrical power that will be used in various parts of Europe. Joint venture aims to address market needs…

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Areva and Gamesa team on offshore wind energy venture

Companies come together to form a joint venture that is focused on wind power Areva, a nuclear energy company based in France, has joined with Gamesa, a Spanish wind turbine manufacturer, for a new joint venture. Through this joint venture, the two companies intend to play a much larger role in the renewable energy sector. The two companies will focus on offshore wind power, which has been gaining popularity in recent years throughout Europe. The United Kingdom is currently considered the strongest advocate of offshore wind energy in the world.…

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Production Tax Credit extension heralded as victory for wind energy industry

Wind Energy Tax Credit

Production Tax Credit extension praised by wind energy developers The U.S. wind energy industry received some good news for the new year as federal lawmakers agreed to extend the Production Tax Credit, which helps support various wind energy products throughout the country. The extension was approved as part of a legislative deal that would help the U.S. avoid its “fiscal cliff” problem. The extension ensures that wind energy projects taking root throughout the U.S. will continue to receive the financial support they rely on to take form. Vestas calls extension…

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Gamesa pens deal to provide turbines to Italian wind farm

Wind Energy Subsidies May Negatively Impact Wind Farm in Scotland

Gamesa to bring new wind turbines to Italian wind farm Gamesa, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, has finalized a deal with Italy’s Eolica Erichie to provide the wind turbines needed for a new wind farm that is taking root in the country. Wind energy has become a popular option in Italy, primarily due to the economic potential of renewable power. The country is one of the hardest hit by the European financial crisis and the government has been looking for ways to bolster the economy and find some semblance…

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Wind energy project complete in Mexico

Wind Energy Farm

Gamesa announces the completion of new wind farm Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has announced the completion of a wind energy project in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico. The project, called the Bii Nee Stipa Wind Farm for Enel Green Power is the latest addition to Mexico’s growing portfolio of alternative energy systems. The country has recently begun showing a serious interest in wind energy after years of showing support for solar and other forms of renewable power. The new wind farm is expected to have an impact on…

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Toyota Spain and Gamesa partner to promote electric vehicles

Hydrogen fuel partnership

Advancement of electric vehicle technology is a key part of the partnership Toyota Spain has partnered with Gamesa, a manufacturer and developer of wind turbines, in an effort to promote electric vehicles throughout Spain. The two companies have a firm belief in alternative energy and its future amongst consumers. Part of this interest is founded in economics, which suggests that the adoption of alternative energy could mean significant savings on energy and fuel costs. While the partnership will not seek to put this particular aspect of alternative energy to the…

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Gamesa to build new wind turbine factory in Scotland

Offshore Wind Energy

Scotland has ambitious plans to reach 100% energy sustainability by 2020. The country has been working with the United Kingdom to reach this goal, but with political tension rising and a potential split from the Union looming, Scotland is looking to bolster its energy structure more aggressively. Fortunately, the country still has the support of the United Kingdom, which has just entered into an agreement with Gamesa, a Spanish manufacturer of wind turbines. According to the agreement, Scotland will be home to a new factory from Gamesa. The factory is…

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