H2 Mobility opens new hydrogen fuel station in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel - More Hydrogen Stations Needed

New hydrogen station has been opened in Southern Germany H2 Mobility, a joint venture focused on developing Europe’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure, has opened a new fueling station in Germany. The new station is located between Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria in the southern regions of the country. H2 Mobility owns and operates the fueling station but the technology that it uses has been provided by Air Liquide. The new station is one of many that are planned to be built throughout Germany to prepare the country for the widespread adoption of new…

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Companies aim to expand Germany’s hydrogen infrastructure

Hydrogen Infrastructure - Shell Gas Pump

Daimler, Shell, and Linde are building two new hydrogen stations Daimler, Shell, and the Linde Group have commissioned two new hydrogen stations that will be built in Germany. The companies have been working together to develop a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure throughout Germany and have made significant progress in this endeavor. Germany is currently home to one of the most extensive hydrogen networks in Europe and has become a very attractive home for clean vehicles, particularly those that use hydrogen to operate. New stations will  help expand Germany’s hydrogen infrastructure Daimler…

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New hydrogen fuel stations open in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel - Gas Station

H2 Mobility launched two new hydrogen fuel stations H2 Mobility Deutschland, a joint venture from Air Liquide, Daimler, Linde, and Shell, has opened two new hydrogen fuel stations in Germany. The stations are located in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. Germany’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure has been growing quite quickly in recent years, largely due to the country’s support of clean transportation. Fuel cell vehicles are expected to become more common in Germany and these vehicles are in need of a comprehensive fueling infrastructure in order to be successful. New stations will help…

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Germany may have a massive hydrogen fuel infrastructure by 2023

H2 MOBILITY has ambitious plans to bolster hydrogen infrastructure in Germany Several countries have begun to show strong support for hydrogen fuel cells, but few have been as aggressive in this effort as Germany. The country’s H2 MOBILITY initiative has been leading the charge for the development of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure and the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. While fuel cell vehicles are already available in limited supply, they do not have the support of a comprehensive fueling infrastructure, which may slow their adoption in the coming years. 400…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure efforts pick up in Japan and Germany

Hydrogen Fuel Japan and Germany

Japan and Germany bolstering their hydrogen fuel infrastructure As the auto industry shows no signs of abatement concerning its commercialization of hydrogen-powered vehicles, the world’s government are beginning to take the issue of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure more seriously. Countries that do not have a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in place are not likely to be considered important markets for automakers, which could have severe economic implications. Japan and Germany are both taking steps to ensure that their hydrogen fuel infrastructure is ready for the commercial launch of a new…

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