First of its kind hydrogen power technology is coming to Australia

Hydrogen power technology - Australia - Australian Flag

Northern Oil plans to use hydrogen to generate electricity in a way that’s novel to Australia. An industrial-scale pilot plant is gearing up for the use of a new hydrogen power technology that will be the first of its kind in Australia. The technology will be used at Northern Oils Advance Biofuels Refinery, near Gladstone, Australia and is expected to start in 2019. The Gladstone Refinery was the first of its type in the country when it was built back in 2017. Northern Oil’s Advanced Biofuels Refinery produces renewable fuel.…

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New hydrogen generation system being put to the test in California

Hydrogen Generation - Street in California

Companies come together to use solar power to produce hydrogen fuel The Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PWNL), and the STARS Corporation have come together to develop a new hydrogen generation system that is powered by the sun. The system is designed to use sunlight to convert natural gas and water into hydrogen. The process will produce some carbon dioxide, but this will be captured to prevent its entry into the environment. The hydrogen would then be used for various purposes, such as powering vehicles or…

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ITM Power teams with GMI Renewable Energy to create new energy system

Renewable Energy - Green Business

ITM Power and GMI Energy introduce hybrid energy system that can produce hydrogen fuel ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed an agreement with GMI Renewable Energy, a developer of advanced alternative energy system. Through the agreement, ITM will be able to offer an integrated alternative energy and hydrogen production system. The system will be used for back-up power, as a power source for industrial processes, and as a fuel source for forklifts and other materials handling equipment. This hybrid energy system…

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AFC Energy finishes commission for AkzoNobel, brings fuel cells to Europe

German Alternative Energy

AFC Energy, a fuel cell technology company, has completed a commission for AkzoNobel, a Dutch pain company, that will bring a hydrogen fuel system to the company’s factory in Germany. AkzoNobel is the latest European company to adopt hydrogen fuel as an alternative to oil in an attempt to lessen its impact on the environment. The completion of AFC’s commission marks the first time the company has sold its Beta model fuel cells to an industrial company in Europe. AFC Energy will be fitting their Beta fuel cells with electrodes…

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ClearEdge secures millions in latest round of funding, plans to focus on commercialization

Clean technology

ClearEdge Power, a fuel cell manufacturer that specializes in units that run off of natural gas, has finished its fifth round of fundraising, netting a total of $73.5 million. The company has been making waves in the hydrogen fuel industry with its stationary fuel cells that provide energy to homes. ClearEdge is among the first to offer such models in an industry that often caters to big-name distribution chains and automakers. The money will help the company continue its efforts to commercialize their fuel cells and expand the reach of…

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Fuel Cells 2000 report shows that Ohio is the top state for hydrogen fuel development

US Hydrogen Fuel Cell Development

The need for new energy sources is becoming more apparent. With civil unrest gripping much of the Middle East and Africa, the price of oil has soared. This has driven many nations to seek out alternatives, such fuel cells. The level of fuel cell development varies from place to place, but in the U.S. one location stands out as the best place for development. Fuel Cells 2000, an organization that promotes hydrogen fuel and its associated technologies, has released a new report showing that Ohio is leading the charge toward…

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Hydrogenics sends powerful hydrogen generation electrolyzer to new German fuel station

Hydrogen Fueling Station Hamberg Germany

The Hydrogenics Corporation, developers of hydrogen generation and fuel cell products, will be supplying a new hydrogen fueling station in southern Germany with one of its HySTAT electrolyzers, a powerful hydrogen generation system. The unit will arrive at the station at the end of this year and will be fully operational, along with the fueling station, next year. Hydrogenics, along with several other hydrogen-centric companies in the world, are pushing to establish a hydrogen infrastructure that will support the incoming wave of fuel cell vehicles. He HySTAT is capable of…

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Hydrogen fuel cell power will “Endeavor”

Hydrogen Fuel Powered Shuttle

The space shuttle Endeavor’s last mission is not too far away now. While many are looking at the last flight as the end of an era, not much attention is being paid to the fuel system of the shuttle. Endeavor makes use of massive hydrogen fuel cells, specially constructed by NASA to power the intricate computer systems that are vital to the shuttle’s function. Hydrogen fuel cells have been getting a lot of attention lately, but not for powering a spaceship. The auto industry is hydrogen’s most staunch supporter. There…

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The long journey for hydrogen fuel cell production

Pioneers of Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The concept of hydrogen as a power source is, surprisingly, not new. The principle of the fuel cell was first discovered in 1838 by German scientist Christian Friedrich Schonbein. A year later, a Welsh scientists by the name of Sir William Robert Grove, successfully constructed the first working hydrogen fuel cell. During their extensive history, fuel cells have faced a number of challenges, never really being able to overcome the barriers holding it back from commercial incorporation. Now, scientists are looking into the past of fuel cells to try and…

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Rare platinum replacement

Platinum - catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells have been criticized for their use of platinum. Fuel cells use the metal as a catalyst to spur the process of electrolysis, a process through which hydrogen is produced. Platinum is classified as a rare-earth material, making its use restricted as the worldwide supply is finite. Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico have been focusing their efforts on finding an alternative to platinum catalysts, and they may have been successful. Scientists have developed a catalyst comprised of three materials that reduces the cost…

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Back to the future inspiration for cool hydrogen fuel remote control model

Delorean Back to The Future Model

A small group of student scientists from the School of Industrial and Aeronautic Engineering of Terrassa in Italy have created a new type of fuel cell that generates hydrogen from aluminum waste. The group draws its inspiration straight from the annals of science-fiction, basing their design on the DeLorean featured in the film Back to the Future. The model car was made by Alex Llovet, a student at the school, and Xavier Saluena, a professor at Barcelona Tech. Dubbed the dAIH2Orean, the vehicle is the size of a remote control…

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Intelligent Energy enters a new phase

Intelligent Energy, a hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom, has announced the completion of a £7 million funding phase, which will help the company develop new fuel cell technologies. This funding was acquired from a number of private investors keen on seeing the advancement of fuel cell technology. The company’s director of corporate finance, Mark Lawson-Statham, says that the cash injection will enable the company to cater to the needs of automakers bent on incorporating hydrogen fuel cells in their vehicles. Currently, the company provides fuel cells…

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When two great companies think alike

Hydrogen fuel is taking another step forward as the German-based company Heliocentris Energy Solutions enters into an original equipment manufacturer agreement with U.S.-based Lab-Volt Systems. The partnership’s goal is to further increase the education of hydrogen as an alternative fuel as well as create a training system for hydrogen fuel cell technologies. The two companies will be working on a co-branded educational package that will be distributed worldwide to companies making use of hydrogen fuel systems. Lab-Volt is a leading designer of hands-on training facilities that are used in the…

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