New research explores how ammonia could be utilized for hydrogen storage

Hydrogen Storage - H2O

Siemens is investing a new form of energy storage for renewable sources. Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company, Siemens, has opened a new and innovative facility to study new hydrogen storage possibilities that involve the use of ammonia. The new facility is thought to be the first of its kind in the world. The $2 million proof-of-concept plant opened by the German-based company in Harwell, Oxfordshire, UK was funded by Siemens and Innovate UK, a government agency in the United Kingdom. The one-of-a-kind plant is where Siemens intends to test the…

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New hydrogen storage research leads to development of promising materials

USCD engineers may have found a way to efficiently and safely store hydrogen. Researchers at University of California, San Diego have developed new ceramic materials for hydrogen storage that have been created using a blend of barium hexaboride, calcium hexaboride and strontium. These compounds could be manufactured at lower costs compared to traditional methods. The ceramics manufacturing process is not as complex and is faster than standard methods that are used for producing these kinds of materials. Professor Olivia Graeve from the Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD said, “We…

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Hydrogen storage problem may be solved with enzyme research

Hydrogen storage continues to be a problematic issue for fuel cells Efficient hydrogen storage has been a lingering problem that has stymied the acceptance of fuel cells. Though fuel cells are capable of producing a large amount of energy without releasing harmful emissions, they have received a great deal of criticism because of problems concerning storage. Current storage methods for hydrogen fuel are widely considered to be inefficient because of the significant amount of energy they require to be successful. Scientists with the Max Plack Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion…

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