Microsoft to purchase wind energy from a GE wind farm in Ireland

Microsoft Renewable Energy - Wind Energy

Microsoft enters into long term power purchase agreement with GE Microsoft has signed an agreement with General Electric that will see the technology company purchasing all new wind energy capacity from GE’s newest wind farm in Ireland. Called the Tullahennel Wind Farm, the project is located in County Kerry. The wind energy system has a maximum capacity of 37 megawatts. Microsoft will be purchasing all of this electricity for the next 15 years. This represents one of the largest clean energy purchases that Microsoft has made in recent years. Agreement…

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Irish offshore wind energy system gains new support from Parkwind

Offshore wind energy - cliffs in Ireland

Parkwind has become a strategic partner in the Oriel Wind Farm An offshore wind energy system being built in Ireland has received a major investment that could speed up development. Parkwind, an offshore wind developer based in Belgium, has announced that it has become a strategic partner in the Oriel Wind Farm. The project is being developed in the North West Irish Sea, some 22 kilometers from Dundalk. Parkwind has invested in the project in order to aid in its development, offering expertise and financial support. New wind project will…

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E.ON to invest in new airborne wind energy project

Airborne Wind Energy - Wind Turbine

European company will be supporting an innovative airborne wind energy project E.ON, an energy company based in Europe, has announced that it will be investing in an ambitious new wind energy project. The company will be investing in the development and potential construction and operation of an airborne wind energy demonstration site. The site is located in County Mayo, Ireland, and will make use of drones in order to capture the power of the wind. These drones will be tethered, but will be operating offshore. New project will use drones…

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Waste to energy gains momentum in Ireland

Less Irish waste is heading to the landfill and more is being converted into energy. According to data recently published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Republic of Ireland has had a 37% reduction of household trash dumped in landfills in 2013 compared to the previous year and the rate of waste recovery (a mixture of recycling and the recovery of energy) rose, which the EPA said is connected to an increase in more waste to energy (W2E) outlets being available and landfill levies. Trash is used to generate…

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Waste to energy plant construction to begin in Dublin

The building of an energy from waste facility in the Republic of Ireland’s capital is to commence immediately. After finalizing the financial plan for the facility, Covanta, a US firm, has made a deal with Dublin City Council to construct, own and operate a €500m waste to energy plant (W2E) in Poolbeg, which will be designed to handle 600,000 tons of waste annually and generate 58 MW (megawatts) of energy. It is estimated that it will take three years to build the facility. The Poolbeg plant is slated to begin…

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GE invests in two wind energy projects in Ireland

General Electric Energy Financial Services has acquired two wind farms in Ireland from Element Power General Electric Energy Financial Services has announced that it has made its first equity investment in wind energy in Ireland. The firm has acquired two wind projects that are taking root in the country. These wind farms has been managed by Element Power, but are now a part of General Electric’s expanding renewable energy portfolio. Investing in clean energy can be a risky endeavor, but GE has been showing strong interest in the capabilities of…

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Solar energy to come to Northern Ireland

New solar power project receives approval Northern Ireland’s first utility-scale solar energy project will soon be operational. The project is taking form in Downpatrick and will be managed by BNRG Northern Power. The project is expected to benefit the local economy as it will create at least 50 temporary construction jobs and five permanent jobs while also reducing energy costs to some degree. Northern Ireland has shown interest in solar power because of its economic potential. Ireland, as a whole, has suffered heavily due to Europe’s sovereign debt crisis and…

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Wind energy reaches new heights in Europe

Germany, Ireland, and UK break records with wind production Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have all set records when it comes to wind energy production due, in part, to winter storms that brought powerful winds to Europe. Hurricane Xaver was the key behind record-setting generation and while the storm caused an estimated $2 billion in damage, it also served as a significant source of wind power. Germany experienced the greatest benefits, in terms of wind power, from the storm, while Ireland and the United Kingdom were able to harness…

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SeaGen system shows the potential of marine energy

SeaGen Tidal Energy Turbine - Marine Energy

SeaGen may prove viability of marine energy Tidal energy may be a viable option for countries with access to large bodies of water. In 2008, Siemens, a global electronics and electrical engineering conglomerate based in Germany, deployed the world’s first commercial-scale, grid-connected marine tidal stream energy system in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough. The SeaGen, as it is known, has since provided enough energy to keep more than 1,500 households powered, according to the Belfast Telegraph. The performance of the SeaGen system may prove that marine energy is a viable option.…

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