Kenworth showcases its new truck powered by hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Kenworth Truck

New T680 is equipped with its own hydrogen fuel cell system Kenworth, a company that specializes in developing new commercial trucks, has revealed its latest truck at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new truck is a T680 day cab that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. This will allow the truck to operate using electricity and produce no harmful emissions. The truck is part of a project that Kenworth first announced in May of last year. The project involves the development and promotion of…

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Partnerships could help Hyundai create new clean vehicles

clean vehicles partnership - Handshakes

Hyundai will continue working with Intel and Nvidia South Korean automaker Hyundai has confirmed that its partnership with both Intel and Nvidia is ongoing. Hyundai vice chairman Chung Eui-sun confirmed the collaboration in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Consumer Electronics Show will be taking place. The partnerships may highlight Hyundai’s future plans concerning clean vehicles, especially where autonomous cars are concerned. The automaker has been investing in autonomous technology for some time, hoping to eventually develop driverless clean vehicles. Intel and Nvidia have significant experience with autonomous technology Nvidia has…

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Las Vegas could be an oasis for solar energy in Nevada

Solar Energy - Las Vegas Sign

City is investing more heavily in solar energy While Nevada’s solar energy market may have suffered a major blow in 2016, there is one city where this form of clean power is flourishing: Las Vegas. The city recently played host to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which boasted of more than 165,000 attendees. A portion of the power used by the event was provided by solar energy sources. In fact, most of the city actually draws electrical power from the sun. All of Las Vegas’ government buildings are powered by…

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Premiere: Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA at SPI 2017

At SPI 2017 we will organize the first Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (H2+FC) NORTH AMERICA. After 23 years of experience with Europe’s largest trade fair for hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries, it is now the time to move to the USA. SPI 2017 is North America’s biggest solar trade fair, around 700 exhibitors and 20.000 visitors are expected. The Energy Storage International (ESI), the largest energy storage event in North America with more than 115 exhibitors, will be co-located with the SPI 2017 as well. Hydrogen + Fuel Cell exhibitors…

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GM shows off its new vehicle equipped with an innovative fuel cell system

New fuel cell system is being used in the Colorado ZH2 General Motors recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the world’s first fuel cell vehicle. The company produced this vehicle in 1966. Called the Electrovan, the car represented the first time a hydrogen fuel cell was equipped to a consumer vehicle. Since then, General Motors has accumulated more than 3 million miles worth of testing on fuel cell transportation. The automaker’s Chevrolet division has continued experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells and recently showcased its new Colorado ZH2 at the SEMA…

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Class action lawsuit aims to settle the solar energy problem in Nevada

Consumers have filed a lawsuit against NV Energy in the wake of rate hikes Solar energy has suffered a grievous blow in Nevada and those using this form of clean power are not happy. Two people that had used solar energy, John Bamforth and Stanley Schone, have filed a class action lawsuit in Nevada. The suit suggests that NV Energy, the state’s largest utility, provided false information to consumers who had been interested in solar power. Some 15,000 solar customers are a part of the class action lawsuit. NV Energy…

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Intelligent Energy showcases small hydrogen fuel cells at CES 2016

Fuel cell developer offers a new way to power mobile devices Intelligent Energy has been showing off its new hydrogen fuel cells at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event serves as a time for various companies to showcase innovative technologies and devices, and Intelligent Energy has placed significant focus on its compact fuel cell technology, which is designed to power a range of mobile devices, including smartphones and laptops. Small hydrogen fuel cells are beginning to gain popularity because of their convenient nature and ability…

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Hydrogen fuel car from Toyota may be “perfect,” according to acclaimed physicist

Michio Kaku believes that the Toyota Mirai is the “perfect car” Doctor Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist, attended this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, to speak on behalf of the Toyota Mirai. The Mirai is Toyota’s first attempt to commercialize a fuel cell vehicle. The automaker has been promoting this vehicle for some time, suggesting that it could be a step toward a future that is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Kaku believes that the Mirai may be the “perfect car.” Toyota aims to sell the Mirai…

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