Mercedes-Benz still has eyes set on fuel cell vehicles

Mercedes-Benz to have new Fuel Cell Vehicles - Mercedes-Benz Symbol on Car

Automaker to showcase new vehicles at Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be unveiling new vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The automaker has been working on several new vehicles, some of which rely on clean technology. One of these vehicles will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. This new concept car will highlight the company’s future plans for fuel cell vehicles and showcase the progress Mercedes-Benz has made in making such vehicles a reality. New vehicle will be equipped with an advanced…

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Mercedes-Benz is showing stronger support for hydrogen fuel cells

Automaker to begin selling a new fuel cell vehicle next year Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to begin selling a new fuel cell vehicle next year. The vehicle will be part of its GLC line and represents the automaker’s ongoing effort to promote hydrogen fuel cells as promising clean transportation solutions. The new vehicle will actually be a plug-in SUV, which will feature a battery systems than can be charged by the vehicle’s fuel cell or by being plugged into a wall socket. New vehicle could travel more than 300 miles…

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Mercedes-Benz gears up for the launch of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Automaker has been making progress in developing its latest fuel cell vehicle Mercedes-Benz has plans to launch its first production fuel cell vehicle in the near future. During the recent Detroit Motor Show, Dr. Thomas Weber, Mercedes-Benz research and development chief, noted that the automaker is using the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology to power the new vehicle, which will be an offshoot of the company’s full-size GLC SUV. In recent years, the automaker has faced criticism of falling behind others in terms of clean transportation, but Mercedes-Benz notes that…

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Mercedes-Benz reaches new milestone with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

B-Class F-Cell reaches a new milestone, showing off the capabilities of fuel cells German automaker Mercedes-Benz has reached a new milestone with its B-Class F-Cell fuel cell vehicle. The company has been promoting hydrogen fuel cells in transportation for the past few years and was one of the first to showcase the performance on these energy systems in the transportation space. A few years ago, the automaker succeeded in taking its B-Class F-Cell vehicles around the world, showing that fuel cell vehicles can compete with their conventional counterparts without much…

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Mercedes-Benz plans to make its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle cost competitive

German automaker aims to have its fuel cell vehicle cost as much as hybrids Mercedes-Benz is not expecting to launch its fuel cell vehicle for at least another three years, but the Germany automaker intends to generate a great deal of hype behind this vehicle ahead of its release. The company has been quick to note the advantages that its fuel cell vehicle has over its more conventional counterparts, but Mercedes-Benz’s marketing has only just begun. The company plans to aggressively expand the awareness of clean transportation and also make…

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Automaker announces plans for hydrogen fuel vehicle

Mercedes-Benz continues support of fuel cells Mercedes-Benz has a strong history with hydrogen fuel. The German automaker was the first to take three hydrogen-powered vehicles it had developed on a world tour in 2011. This initiative was meant to showcase the abilities of hydrogen fuel cells and dispel some of the criticism that had come to surround the energy systems. The tour proved quite successful, as the automaker’s vehicles were able to accomplish their goals without encountering any significant problems. Automaker shows some concern regarding challenges that lay ahead While…

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Plug Power to deliver new hydrogen fuel cells to Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz places order for hydrogen fuel cells from Plug Power Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that Mercedes-Benz US International has placed an order for the company’s popular GenDrive fuel cells. These fuel cells have been seeing a great deal of use in the materials handling sector, where they are used to power forklifts and similar vehicles. According to Plug Power, Mercedes-Benz US International has ordered 123 GenDrive systems, which will be used at a logistics hub that is being built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. New…

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Mercedes-Benz shows more support for hydrogen fuel

Mercedes-Benz Citaro Hydrogen Fuel Bus London

Hydrogen fuel continues to receive attention from Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz is one of the companies in the auto industry that has managed to attract a great deal of attention to hydrogen fuel cells. The German automaker brought attention to these energy systems by taking its own hydrogen-powered vehicles on a world tour in 2011. Since then, the company has been a strong advocate of hydrogen fuel and its uses in transportation, with these interests being backed up by its parent company, Daimler. Public transportation considered ideal field for fuel cells In…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles get a powerful new advocate

Daimler - hydrogen fuel vehicles

Hydrogen-powered vehicles receive strong backing from newly formed alliance A new alliance has formed within the auto industry that could herald a bright new future for hydrogen transportation. Last week, Daimler, one of the world’s largest automakers and owner of Mercedes-Benz, reached out to Ford and the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The automaker had hoped to team with these companies in order to make significant advances in fuel cell technology, thus making hydrogen-powered vehicles more viable for the commercial market. In such a short amount of time, Daimler, Ford, and Nissan have…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicles hit a speed bump

Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

  Mercedes-Benz slows work on hydrogen-powered vehicles Hydrogen-powered vehicles have been generating a fair deal of hype over the past two years. Most of the world’s major automakers are planning to release hydrogen-powered vehicles at some point in the very near future. That is, of course, unless they encounter significant problems in the development of these vehicles that could derail that timeline. Unfortunately, this is the case with Mercedes-Benz, one of the first automakers that had adopted hydrogen fuel cells for a new generation of its vehicles. Champion of hydrogen…

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Mercedes-Benz shows of hydrogen-powered invisible car in Germany

As part of its ongoing F-Cell World Tour, Mercedes-Benz spent a week in Germany showing off their new invisible car. The car is a hydrogen-powered SUV and is not actually invisible, but was made to appear so with the use of LED-embedded materials. The automaker is trying to convey the idea that their vehicle produces absolutely no harmful emission. This means that from an environmental stand point, the car is virtually invisible. People throughout Germany have responded well to the campaign thus far. Using a simple camera and material containing…

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