Renewable energy generates more electricity in the UK than coal and gas

Renewable Energy Banner of UK Flag

UK generated more electricity from renewable energy sources than from its coal and gas systems Wind, solar, and nuclear power have become the largest contributors to the United Kingdom’s energy grid. The National Grid, which oversees the country’s energy infrastructure, notes that these three forms of power have reached a new milestone. The UK has been showing strong support for renewable energy in recent years. The government has invested heavily in wind energy, specifically. The government is eager to distance itself from fossil-fuels in order to meet its environmental goals…

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Solar power sets a new record in the United Kingdom

Solar Power Sets New Record

Solar power helps meet 24% of country’s peak energy demand Solar power has set a new record in the United Kingdom for the second time in a month. On May 26, the country’s solar power systems generated a total of 8.7 gigawatts of electrical power. This was able to meet 24% of the UK’s peak energy demand during the middle of the day. Earlier this month, the country’s solar energy systems were able to generate 8.48 gigawatts, the previous record in terms of energy generation. Renewable energy is playing a…

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Scotland reaches a new wind energy record

Wind Energy - Spinning Wind Turbine

Wind energy in Scotland continues to break old records Scotland’s wind energy systems have reached a major milestone recently. The country has been investing heavily in the development of new wind farms for some time in an effort to distance itself from fossil-fuels and become more energy independent. Recent political tensions have encouraged a further focus on clean energy, but the Scottish government is also interested in reducing the emissions the country is responsible for and to help the country become more environmentally friendly. Wind turbines generate 74,000 MWh of…

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Solar energy sets new record in the United Kingdom

Solar has beat out coal in terms of energy production Solar energy has reached a new milestone in the United Kingdom, benefiting from the continued decline of coal power. Last weekend, solar power was able to provide more electrical power for homes than coal was able to in a 24 hour period. The solar sector has beaten coal in terms of electricity generation in the past, but only for a few hours. As the solar sector continues to expand, the need for coal will diminish, with solar power eventually replacing…

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Massachusetts is gaining ground with its solar energy endeavors

State is on track to reach its solar targets ahead of schedule Massachusetts may be on track toward achieving its solar energy goals, according to state officials. If lawmakers decide to lift limitations on a program that provides aid for solar energy developers working in the state. Per state law, Massachusetts will be generating 1,6000 megawatts of electrical power from solar projects by 2020. By easing the limitations on developers, the state may be able to reach this goal early, placing it in a lead position when it comes to…

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Community solar energy projects get a new owner in Massachusetts

Clean Energy Collective purchases two solar farms from BlueWave Capital The Clean Energy Collective, a developer of community solar farms and renewable energy solutions, has made an entry into the solar market of Massachusetts. The company has announced that it has purchased two solar energy projects in the state from BlueWave Capital. These projects are meant for residential and commercial energy purchases. The electricity generated by these projects will be delivered to consumers through Western Massachusetts Electric and National Grid. Massachusetts energy policies help solar power flourish throughout the state…

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UK government targets wind energy compensation charges

Compensation charges coming from energy companies may be excessive Wind power has encountered an interesting problem in the United Kingdom. Energy Minister Michael Fallon has ordered that wind farms cut down on their compensation charges, which typically make energy bills for consumers higher than they would normally be. Compensation charges are funds that are collected by energy companies that are ordered to stop operating by the government. These charges ensure that energy companies continue generating revenue without also having to produce or sell electrical power for a period of time.…

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National Grid pays to shut down UK wind farms

Wind energy encounters unique problem in the UK The National Grid, one of the largest energy utilities in the United Kingdom, has issued over $8 million to wind farms throughout the country in order to temporarily shut them down. The funds are meant to provide the energy firms that manage these wind farms with a financial cushion while their systems are not producing or selling electrical power. The reason behind the move from the National Grid has to do with recent storms in the United Kingdom and the strong winds…

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