Solar energy is surpassing expectations in the United States

Solar Energy - Solar Cells

New report shows that solar energy is growing much more quickly than expected The United States government has severely underestimated solar energy, according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Statista. The two organizations have analyzed a 10-year prediction coming from the Energy Information Administration concerning the growth of solar energy throughout the country. In 2006, the Energy Information Administration predicted that solar power would only generate 0.8 gigawatts of electrical power by 2016. This has proven to be a massive underestimation. Solar power has surpassed estimations…

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Renewable energy revolution in the US is going better than expected

Renewable energy is going well in US - Wid Energy

Report highlights the unprecedented growth of clean power The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has released a new report highlighting the boom of renewable energy in the United States. The report shows that many forms of clean power have found success in the country. In particular, both wind and solar power have managed to thrive. These two sectors of clean energy have managed to beat forecasts that had outlined their future success and have become the two fastest growing forms of power in the United States as a whole. Solar…

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Report finds fracking air pollution hazardous to health

A new report says air pollution from hydraulic fracturing can cause an extensive range of health problems. A report that was released earlier this week from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) said that Americans who live near fracking sites (either oil or gas drilling wells), are exposed to air pollution related to the mining practice, which includes exposure to toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene.frack The NRDC claims the pollution is linked to a minimum of five serious types of health problems. Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, a senior scientist of the…

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New solar energy project seeks aid through crowdfunding

Crowdfunding could bring solar energy to schools The Natural Resources Defense Council, a non-profit international environmental advocacy group, has turned to crowdfunding in order to support an initiative that intends to bring solar energy to schools. This is the first time that the organization has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Through the campaign, the Natural Resources Defense Council intends to raise awareness concerning the benefits of solar energy and how it can be used to reduce the environmental impact of schools as well as reduce their expenditure on fuel. Campaign seeks…

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Energy efficiency bill reintroduced in the US

U.S. Senate - Geothermal Energy Bill

Federal lawmakers take on energy efficiency Energy efficiency will again be thrust into the limelight in the U.S. Federal lawmakers have reintroduced a legislation that is designed to expedite the switch from traditional fossil-fuels to renewable energy, bolstering an energy efficient economy. The bill, which was reintroduced by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Rob Portman, will help promote energy efficiency throughout the country by making energy saving technologies and services more available to consumers and businesses. Thus far, the legislation has received strong support from both the Republican and Democrat parties.…

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Consumers expected to reap benefits of electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Support

Electric vehicles may prove beneficial for consumers in 2013 U.S. consumers are expected to see major benefits as vehicles become more efficient in the coming years. Analysts from Baum & Associates and the Natural Resources Defense Council predict that consumers will see these benefits, most of which are financial, beginning in 2013. This is largely due to the increasing momentum behind the sales of electric and hybrid vehicles. As these vehicles continue to see high sales, automakers are being encouraged to increase supply, thereby dropping the cost of electric vehicles…

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Alternative energy funding at stake in California

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Alternative energy could receive more funding through legislative measure California’s funding for alternative energy and sustainability projects is at stake in this year’s elections. While much of the U.S. is currently enthralled in the presidential campaign, each state is immersed in its own political campaigns that could make or break the future of alternative energy. In California, Proposition 39 will be on the ballot in November. This election season tasks state residents to decide whether funding for clean energy and efficiency projects in the state will continue or whether this…

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