Netherlands is lagging behind in renewable energy adoption

Renewable Energy - Image of Road at Sunset in the Netherlands

CBS data shows that the Netherlands is falling short of its EU targets The Netherlands is making some progress on 17 targets set by the United Nations, but is falling behind when it comes to meeting the targets concerning climate protection, renewable energy, economic stability, and social equality. Data from CBS, a national statistics office, shows that the country is performing well in meeting the other targets, but embracing clean power and fighting climate change have been complicated issues. In terms of adopting renewable energy and cutting emissions, the Netherlands…

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JIVE 2 project seeks to bring more buses equipped with fuel cells to Europe

Fuel cells - Bus Moving in City Street

New project launches to deploy hydrogen-powered buses Clean transportation in Europe is gaining more momentum thanks to the launch of the JIVE 2 project. The project will be leveraging a $25 million grant from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, which will help it deploy new buses equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. JIVE 2 will be deploying 152 of these buses across 14 European cities. These cities will be located in France, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. European cities are working to make transportation cleaner The JIVE…

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Dutch offshore wind energy developers are looking to make deals with large corporations

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind park on water

Energy developers aim to provide corporations with wind power Companies that are developing offshore wind energy systems in the Netherlands are looking to sell the electricity their wind farms are generating to large corporations. In the past, energy companies have sold this electricity to the wholesale market. Now, however, these companies are looking for corporate buyers, many of whom are becoming much more invested in the renewable energy space due to government emissions regulations and a stronger interest in being environmentally friendly. Companies are finding success with bringing offshore wind…

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New street sweeper powered by hydrogen fuel launched in the Netherlands

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Street Sweeper

Street sweeper equipped with hydrogen fuel cell is now operating in the town of Hoogezand A new street sweeper has been launched in the town of Hoogezand in the Netherlands. This one, however, is quite different than other street sweepers. The new vehicle comes from Dutch firm Holthausen and Finnish manufacturer Visedo. The companies have developed the street sweeper to operate using hydrogen fuel. This could be a sign that fuel cells are breaking into yet another sector where vehicles are used quite heavily. Fuel cell allows the street sweeper…

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Startup launches windows capable of producing solar energy

Solar Energy - Sun on windows

Physee offers another way to take advantage of solar energy A startup called Physee is looking to provide businesses and homeowners with a way to harness the power of solar energy using only their windows. The company has designed windows that are affixed with solar cells, allowing them to collect incoming sunlight and convert it into electricity. These windows are meant to help buildings become energy neutral and reduce their consumption of electricity produced through the consumption of fossil-fuels. Solar windows are already providing electricity to Rabobank Physee suggests that…

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Recycling technology could make paper cups more recyclable

A new coating developed by a company based in the Netherlands makes paper cups recyclable. AkzoNobel, a company that produces specialty paints, coatings and chemicals in the Netherlands, has created a recycling technology that makes paper cups not only recyclable but compostable. The coating technology is made from oils that are plant based. Called the EvCote Water Barrier 3000, the coating is comprised of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and plant-based oils. According to AkzoNobel’s executive committee member who is responsible for performance coatings, Conrad Keijzer, “This is an industry-changing…

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Wind energy projects to be connected between the Netherlands and Denmark

Interconnection project launched by Energinet and Tennet, seeking to connect 700 MW of wind energy between two countries Dutch and Danish energy grid operators have agreed to connect wind energy projects in both Denmark and the Netherlands. The project comes from Tennet, an electricity company based in the Netherlands, and Energinet, based in Denmark. An interconnector will be run between the two countries, connecting some 700 megawatts worth of wind energy projects that are currently operational. Both countries have shown strong support for wind energy, with Denmark showing particular interest…

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Renewable energy investments are growing

Report highlights investment activity in the clean energy space Renewable energy investments are beginning to grow at a rapid pace, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report highlights investment activity in the clean energy sector every quarter. This investment activity is often indicative of the overall support that clean energy is receiving throughout the world and such funding typically dictates whether or not new energy projects will reach completion or remain in a sort of developmental limbo. Clean energy investments grow by 33% during the…

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Solar energy company forms partnership with E.ON

Companies team up to tackle the energy market in the Netherlands Sungevity, a developer of solar energy systems, has announced its partnership with E.ON Benelux, one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the world. Together, the two companies aim to enter into the solar energy market of the Netherlands. The Dutch market has become quite active when it comes to solar power. The country is looking for ways to distance itself from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Renewable energy has become an effective tool in these endeavors. E.ON invests…

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Siemens makes a deal with offshore wind energy project

Gemini offshore wind project is making some progress The large-scale Gemini wind energy project is inching closer to becoming a reality. The project is set to take root off the coast off the northern coast of the Netherlands and will be one of the largest offshore wind farms in the world when it is completed. The project has been in its development stages for some time and has been making slow progress through these stages due to technical and political issues. The wind farm currently boasts of an estimated 600…

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New wind energy project taps into crowdfunding

Wind energy company turns to the crowd to fund new project Crowdfunding has proven itself to be a powerful tool for various creative pursuits, but it may also be valuable to the world of renewable energy. Tapping into the financial power of the general population has turned many dreams into a reality over the years. People around the world have shown that they are willing to invest in projects they are interested in, even if their investment is only enough to cover the fraction of the cost of an actual…

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Ballast Nedam to build new hydrogen fuel station in the Netherlands

Hydrogen Fuel Netherlands - Ballast Nedam

New hydrogen fuel station commissioned by WatersofNet Ballast Nedam, a Dutch construction and engineering company, has announced that it will be building its first ever 700-bard hydrogen fuel station in the Netherlands. The station has been commissioned by the Flemish-Dutch WatersofNet, an organization with a heavy interest in hydrogen fuel cells and infrastructure. The need for a suitable hydrogen fuel infrastructure is growing in Scandinavia as the auto industry prepares to launch a new generation of vehicles that are equipped with fuel cells. Without an infrastructure in place, these vehicles…

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Renewable energy becoming popular with multinational companies

Renewable Energy Business

Large companies show support for renewable energy As renewable energy begins gaining significant momentum with governments around the world, interest in clean power among large businesses is beginning to peak. In the past, renewable energy had been entirely related to the concept of environmentalism. This concept has a somewhat controversial history, but has become a mainstream form of advocacy that considers climate change to be a significant danger. This concern is growing among governments, many of whom are embracing renewable energy in an attempt to mitigate or avoid the impact…

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Germany seeks partnerships for sake of renewable energy

Renewable Energy Partnership Germany and France

Renewable energy could see major progress due to European partnerships When it comes to renewable energy, there are few countries that can compete with the progress that has been made in Germany. While the country’s staunch support of renewable energy has earned it a great deal of praise, this focus has also singled it out for criticism. Others in the European Union have criticized Germany for its seemingly solitary nature on the matter of renewable energy due to the country’s lack of outreach to others for help with its energy…

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Mitsubishi Corporation throws support behind wind energy

Offshore Wind Energy Japan

Wind energy finds progress with the help of Mitsubishi Corporation Offshore wind energy is picking up more support in Japan. The Mitsubishi Corporation, one of the largest industrial companies in the country, has set its sights on offshore wind energy as part of its ongoing effort to establish a strong foothold in the emerging alternative energy sector. The Mitsubishi Corporation has identified wind energy as an area of extreme promise and is eager to develop offshore projects within Japan as well as beyond the country’s borders. Company supports wind energy…

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Air Liquide to build Netherlands hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel Station

Air Liquide breaks ground in Netherlands Air Liquide, a leading producer of hydrogen fuel, has been investing heavily in the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure throughout the world. The company has poured money into infrastructure initiatives in several countries, hoping to prepare these markets for the release of hydrogen-powered vehicles. There are still untapped markets which Air Liquide has yet to find a foothold, but that number is rapidly declining. The company has announced that it has begun investing in the hydrogen fuel infrastructure of the Netherlands. Netherlands to…

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