Kenworth introduces new truck powered by hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Trucks - Transport Truck

New truck uses hydrogen fuel to operate Kenworth, a leading manufacturer of large trucks, has begun showcasing a new model that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The truck was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show and is equipped with a fuel cell system that is used to power its 100 kilowatt-hour battery. The truck is meant to represent a possible future for large vehicles. Companies like Kenworth are looking to fuel cells to make these vehicles more environmentally friendly, effectively cutting the emissions they produce completely. Hydrogen-powered…

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Kenworth showcases its new truck powered by hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Kenworth Truck

New T680 is equipped with its own hydrogen fuel cell system Kenworth, a company that specializes in developing new commercial trucks, has revealed its latest truck at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new truck is a T680 day cab that is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. This will allow the truck to operate using electricity and produce no harmful emissions. The truck is part of a project that Kenworth first announced in May of last year. The project involves the development and promotion of…

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New legislation could cause problems for renewable energy in the United States

Renewable Energy Legislation - US Congress

Legislation seeks to cut funding for renewable energy and efficiency programs New legislation could place new challenges on the energy efficiency and clean power sector in the United States. The legislation is currently facing the House of Representatives after being approved by the House Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee. Advocates of renewable energy have criticized the legislation, as it would cut funding for several clean power and efficiency programs as well as eliminate the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. Agency could see its funding…

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DOE issues $14 million in funding to improve fuel cell technology

DOE issues more funding to support the advancement of clean technology The U.S. Department of Energy has announced more funding for the advancement of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The federal agency is providing $14 million in funding for projects that focus on improving fuel cells. These projects are meant to accelerate innovation in fuel cell technology in order to make these energy systems more viable. While fuel cells have managed to acquire strong support in the auto industry, these energy systems have yet to find a place in other sectors…

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San Francisco declared Climate Action Champion, will embrace clean transportation

San Francisco will embrace fuel cell vehicles with help from federal agency The United States Department of Energy has declared San Francisco, California, as the first Climate Action Champion, effectively tasking the city with embracing fuel cell vehicles for local transportation. The city was selected as Climate Action Champion through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Now, San Francisco will focus on embracing fuel cell technology in an effort to make the transportation space more environmentally friendly through the use of clean vehicles. Funding will support research concerning…

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New funding opportunities coming to the hydrogen fuel cell space

Government agencies aim to introduce more funding for the advancement of fuel cell technologies The United States Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has produced a Notice of Intent regarding funding opportunities for the hydrogen fuel cell sector. The Notice of Intent was posted on behalf of the Fuel Cell Technologies Office, which promotes the use of fuel cells in various sectors and supports the advancement of this technology. Fuel cells have been gaining momentum in the United States, especially when it comes to the transportation sector. These…

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New hydrogen fuel cell project to take root in Hawaii

Government agencies team together in order to launch a new fuel cell pilot project The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration have joined together to launch a new six-month pilot project concerning the use of fuel cells to power barges. The new project is set to take place in the Port of Honolulu, Hawaii. The pilot project is based on a study conducted by the Sandia National Laboratory last year. The study highlighted the benefits of using fuel…

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Hydrogen fuel safety app developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

App highlights safe handling of hydrogen fuel Researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the U.S. have developed a new mobile application called Hydrogen Tools. The application is designed to bring safety to the forefront when it comes to the use of fuel cell technology. Hydrogen fuel cells are becoming more popular and are seeing use in a variety of industries. While fuel cells are typically considered to be safe, an understanding of how these energy systems can be effectively used is often needed to avoid any potential accidents.…

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Hydrogen fuel projects win funding from Department of Energy

doe funding - hydrogen fuel

DOE backs three new hydrogen fuel projects The U.S. Department of Energy has announced new funding being awarded to three companies that are focused on hydrogen fuel and fuel cell projects. The U.S. has been showing more interest in hydrogen fuel as fuel cell technology becomes more advanced. These energy systems are becoming more efficient and affordable, making them more attractive for mass adoption, especially as hydrogen production methods themselves become more efficient through the use of renewable energy. The funding provided by the federal agency will help hydrogen fuel gain more…

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Plug Power to supply hydrogen fuel cells to FedEx

Yingli wins solar energy project

Plug Power wins contract from Department of Energy Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been selected by the Department of Energy for a new initiative from the agency’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The initiative tasks ITM power with the development of new hydrogen fuel solutions for existing tow tractors are used by FedEx Express hubs located at airports in Memphis, Tennessee, and Oakland, California. The new energy systems for these tractors will be used extensively by FedEx over the next several months. GenDrive…

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