One of the first offshore wind farms in the US to begin providing electricity to Block Island

Offshore Wind Farms - Wind Turbines on water off coast

New offshore project will be providing much needed energy to Block Island The first offshore wind farm in the United States is set to begin producing electricity for Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island. The electricity will be distributed by the Block Island Power Company, which has been looking to distance itself from fossil-fuels for some time. The company has been importing nearly 1 million gallons of diesel fuel every year for decades. This has become an expensive endeavor, and Block Island is prone to frequent energy shortages…

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Deepwater Wind to develop the largest offshore wind farm in the US

Offshore Wind Farm - Offshore wind turbines

United States will soon have a larger offshore wind farm The largest offshore wind energy system in the United States may soon be eclipsed by another massive project that aims to further increase the country’s wind capacity. The Long Island Power Authority has granted approval for the development of what will become the country’s largest offshore wind energy project, which is being constructed by Deepwater Wind. The company already operates the current largest offshore system in the country, but the new project is expected to dwarf its predecessor by a…

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Norway’s Statoil aims to build a new offshore wind farm in the United States

Offshore Wind Energy Funding - Building Wind Turbine

New offshore wind farm could be built off the coast of New York Norway’s largest oil company, Statoil, aims to build a new offshore wind farm off the coast of New York’s Jones Beach. The winds that can be found off of the coast of the United States are quite dependable and they could have the potential to produce as much as four times the amount of energy of all sources of power in the country. Statoil sees great promise in this potential, and is making plans to develop an…

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Trump decries offshore wind energy systems in the United Kingdom

Trump is calling on British officials to fight against offshore wind energy President-elect Donald Trump is pressuring British officials to fight against offshore wind energy systems being developed in Britain. In the past, Trump has fought against offshore wind energy, hoping to close down a project being developed in Scotland. The case made its way to Britain’s highest court, with Trump arguing that the offshore project disrupts the view of one of his gold courses in Aberdeenshire. Now, Trump is calling upon Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom’s Independence…

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Cost of offshore wind energy reaches record low

Prices for electricity generated by offshore wind farms continue to fall Offshore wind energy systems are often considered highly expensive, but as new technology become available, the cost of these wind farms is beginning to fall. In Sweden, a new record has been set for the world’s least expensive wind farm built at sea. The Vattenfall wind farm is now capable of selling electricity for proximately $50 per megawatt-hour. According to Magnus Hall, the chief executive of the Vattenfall wind farm, the deals the energy system has managed to establish…

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Offshore wind farms are gaining more support in Hawaii

Federal agency issues call for information concerning new wind projects The United States Department of the Interior is looking to promote the growth of wind energy in Hawaii. The agency has issued a request for information in order to determine the wind industry’s interest in developing new wind projects in the state. Of particular interest is offshore projects, which could become a very powerful tool for Hawaii in the future. Offshore wind farms hold vast potential in terms of energy generation. New wind projects could help create more jobs in…

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Offshore wind energy systems could be a boon for marine life

Offshore turbines are able to function as artificial reefs, supporting marine life Offshore wind turbines could have a major environmental benefit that has only recently been discovered. Not only do offshore wind farms act as clean energy producers, they also serve as artificial reefs. There are many concerns regarding the impact that offshore turbines could be having of marine life, but some of these concerns may be unfounded. For seals, offshore wind farms may soon become a place where they can reliably find a meal. Hard structures attract mussels and…

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Wind energy expands throughout Europe in 2012

Wind Energy Europe

European Union sees major progress in wind energy sector Wind energy has been gaining more support around the world, but it continues to see the majority of this support come from Europe. Several European countries have come to embrace wind energy in a strong way, believing that clean power could have positive economic implications for the entire region. Europe continues to struggle with an ongoing financial crisis that has threatened to bankrupt many countries. The crisis has spurred these countries to seek out more efficient forms of energy that are…

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Mitsubishi Corporation throws support behind wind energy

Offshore Wind Energy Japan

Wind energy finds progress with the help of Mitsubishi Corporation Offshore wind energy is picking up more support in Japan. The Mitsubishi Corporation, one of the largest industrial companies in the country, has set its sights on offshore wind energy as part of its ongoing effort to establish a strong foothold in the emerging alternative energy sector. The Mitsubishi Corporation has identified wind energy as an area of extreme promise and is eager to develop offshore projects within Japan as well as beyond the country’s borders. Company supports wind energy…

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Atlantic Wind Connection moves forward with energy transmission plans

Atlantic Wind Connection

Atlantic Wind Connection continues work on offshore energy transmission line An ambitious energy transmission project is moving forward in the U.S. The project is meant to transfer energy from offshore wind farms off the eastern coast of the country, and funnel this energy back to the mainland. The endeavor is backed by several prominent investors, including Google, that believe that a comprehensive energy transmission line is necessary for alternative energy to be considered more viable for the country. The investors backing the project are part of a consortium called the…

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Wind energy transportation problem may soon be solved

Hydrogen Fuel research

University of Houston wins new funding for energy transportation project Researchers from the University of Houston in Texas have won more funding for an ambitious wind energy project that is purported to cost some $4 million. The project is certainly ambitious, as researchers claim that it will solve a key problem that has been plaguing wind energy for several years. This problem involved energy transportation and how this transportation is often disrupted by the magnetic field that it produced by wind turbines. New funding for the project has come from…

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Offshore wind energy gains momentum in US

Offshore Wind energy

Government begins to show more focus on offshore wind energy The U.S. continues to show support for alternative energy, despite some criticism that claims the Obama Administration is taking no action. Some of the perceived inaction may be due to the country’s “all of the above” energy plan, which has the government pursuing every viable source of energy that is currently available. This broad approach means that each sector of energy can receive only a limited level of attention. Some of this attention is now being directed at offshore wind…

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U.S. and UK team for ambitious offshore wind energy project

Offshore Wind Energy - Floating turbines

Offshore wind farm could be the largest in the Atlantic Ocean The United States and United Kingdom are to join forces to develop a new wind energy projects in the Atlantic Ocean. U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu is expected reveal more information regarding the partnership along with Edward Davey, Secretary of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. The partnership will be one of the largest collaboration on wind energy in the world and is likely to produce the largest offshore wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean.…

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