New biofuel production technique could dramatically reduce fuel-related CO2 emissions

Biofuel production - Green Energy

Scientists have discovered a way to make the production of biofuels more environmentally friendly. Imperial College London scientists have improved the process of using biology to make products, which could lead to a cheaper and more environmentally friendly biofuel production technique as well as more efficient plastic recycling. The scientists’ findings were published in the journal Nature Chemistry. The scientists claim to be able to breakdown plant-based biomass 30 times faster. The biofuel production technique discovered by the researchers can reportedly breakdown plant-based biomass 30 times faster than current bioprocessing…

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Smart recycling program for soft plastics launched in New Zealand

New recycling system in New Zealand could keep over four million plastic bags out of the landfill. Last week, a Soft Plastics Recycling Program was launched in Auckland, New Zealand by the country’s Environment Minister, Nick Smith. The program is a joint venture between the government and the retail and packaging sectors, and could help keep the landfill free of 4.3 million plastic bags, reported 3 News. This program is the first of its kind to enable the recycling of soft plastics in the country. The soft plastics recycling program…

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Mexican company develops water-free plastic recycling technology

The plastic recycling system requires only half of the energy used by previous systems. Mexican startup, Ak Inovex, has developed a new recycling technology that enables plastics to be recycled without the use of water, with less energy compared to previous systems, and produces plastic pellets of the same or better quality. More than 90% of all types of plastics can be processed by the water-free method. In addition to processing 90% of any type of plastic, it can also process PET, ABS, Styrofoam, and polystyrene. Even more impressive, aside…

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