Toyota unveils new hydrogen refueling station in Quebec

Hydrogen refueling station - refueling car

New station will provide hydrogen to the public Toyota is helping expand accessibility to hydrogen in Canada. The Japanese automaker has unveiled a new hydrogen refueling station in Quebec City.  The company suggests that it is the largest hydrogen demonstration project in the country. Moreover, it is the first hydrogen station in Quebec to be open to the public. Station will produce 200 kilograms of hydrogen per day The hydrogen on offer at the new station is produced on site using clean energy. The energy is being provided by Hydro-Quebec.…

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Ontario makes changes to its rebate program supporting electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Rebate - Canadian Coins

Rebate program will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000 The government of Ontario is making changes to its rebate program that serves as an incentive to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles. In 2016, some $800,000 in rebates were provided to consumers that purchased vehicles with six-figure price tags. On average, consumers received approximately $5,000 to help cover the cost of their new clean vehicles. The government is now setting a limit on the rebate program, which will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000.…

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Toyota Mirai is coming to Canada

Toyota Mirai - FCV Concept

Mirai will begin being sold in Quebec this year Japanese automaker Toyota has announced that it will be bringing its fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, to Canada. The company made the announcement at the Montreal Auto Show, where Toyota noted that fleet sales will begin in Quebec. The province has been chosen as a market for the Mirai due to its strong focus on clean transportation. It is the first Canadian province to introduce a zero emission vehicle mandate, which will go into effect this year. Quebec to use clean…

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Toyota Canada aims to help develop a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec

Toyota Canada has announced that it will be working with Transition Energetique Quebec in order to study the market requirements of developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec.

Automaker teams with energy organization in order to address infrastructure challenges Toyota Canada has announced that it will be working with Transition Energetique Quebec in order to study the market requirements of developing a hydrogen infrastructure in Quebec. Toyota is currently working on promoting its first fuel cell vehicle throughout the world. Called the Mirai, the vehicle represents the company’s latest endeavors in the clean transportation space. In order for fuel cell vehicles to find success, however, they must have the support of a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure. Government show strong…

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Hyundai delivers its fuel cell vehicle to Quebec

Automaker has delivered Quebec’s first fuel cell vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has delivered its first fuel cell vehicle to Quebec, Canada. The vehicle has been issued through its Canadian branch: Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. Previously, Hyundai’s ix35, a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, was delivered to both British Columbia and Ontario. Quebec has become the third province to receive a fuel cell vehicle from Hyundai, but it will likely not be the last. The automaker has plans to commercialize its new vehicle more aggressively in the coming…

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Quebec aims to embrace hydrogen fuel cells to promote clean transportation

Province wants more people to purchase clean vehicles as part of its energy strategy Quebec, Canada, is preparing itself to embrace clean transportation more aggressively. The Quebec government has begun to push for the adoption of clean vehicles, which is part of its overarching energy strategy. The strategy was introduced earlier this year. Quebec intends to cut the use of fossil-fuels by 40% by 2030. Notably, hydrogen fuel cells may play a significant role in the province’s push for clean transportation. These energy systems have become quite important in the…

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Canadian city seeks to build largest ozonation wastewater treatment facility

Montreal intends to begin purifying sewage water using ozone in 2018. Canada’s second largest city, an island located in the province of Quebec, recently announced a $99 million construction contract to build what will be the world’s largest ozonation wastewater treatment center, which is anticipated to cost $285 million once completed and will be located at the J.R.-Marcotte water and sewage treatment plant in Point-aux Trembles, reported the Montreal Gazette. The treatment center is expected to be able to clean 2.6 million cubic liters of water every day. Once the…

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EDF Energies completes two new wind farms in Canada

Wind Energy Systems - Wind Turbines

EDF Energy activates wind farms in Quebec EDF Energies Nouvelles, a French alternative energy corporation, has announced the completion of two major wind energy projects that have a combined capacity of 300 megawatts. Both projects can be found in Canada’s Quebec province. The new wind farms provide a strong boost to the country’s alternative energy portfolio. Canada has been working to make better of use alternative energies in recent years in an effort to break away from fossil-fuels and adopt a more environmentally friendly standpoint. Hydro Quebec to purchase electricity…

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