DOE to invest $46 million into the solar energy sector

Solar Energy Investment - Sunshine and coins

Solar energy projects to receive funding from the SunShot Initiative The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will be investing $46 million into 48 solar energy projects throughout the country. The investments will be made through the SunShot Initiative. The program is meant to provide support for solar energy projects in an effort to bolster the adoption of clean power. For years, the SunShot Initiative has driven innovation in the solar sector by providing adequate support for ambitious projects. Program aims to make solar power cost competitive by…

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Verizon invests $40 million in new solar energy project

Project will help lower Verizon’s production of carbon dioxide emissions Verizon, one of the largest and most influential telecommunications companies in the U.S., has announced plans to invest $40 million into a new solar energy project. The project will be managed by Verizon itself and the company will use it to produce electrical power for eight of its network facilities. Verizon expects that the new solar power project will lower its production of carbon dioxide and make the company’s operations more environmentally friendly. Solar energy is becoming the most popular…

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MENA region supports solar energy

Investments in solar power throughout the MENA region are growing at a rapid pace Investments in renewable energy from the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) have been growing at a rapid pace. Several countries in the MENA region have come to show a great deal of favor for solar power. Regional governments are pushing for the adoption of clean energy because of its economic prospects. While solar development is often an expensive endeavor in itself, the economic benefits that can be gleaned from solar adoption are believed to…

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Company turns to individuals and small groups to fund solar energy endeavors

SolarCity looks to tap into new investment resources for the future SolarCity, a leading solar energy developer in the U.S., is seeking out new investors. The company has made impressive growth over the past few years, breaking new ground in markets around the world and finding success in making solar power more available to a wider range of people and businesses. Now, the company is looking to sell securities directly to individuals and small groups that are interested in the way it delivers solar power and its associated technologies. Leasing…

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Google invests in six solar energy ventures

Solar energy wins more support from Google Google has been showing a strong interest in renewable energy in recent years. The company has been feeling pressure from environmentalist groups and ongoing economic issues around the world and has been looking to invest more aggressively in solar energy. Clean power may represent a significant financial investment of Google’s part, but it also represents an alternative to fossil-fuels, which are becoming more expensive with every passing year. Clean power continues to garner Google’s attention Google has invested some $80 million in six…

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Solar energy makes strong progress in the UK

Solar energy sees strong investment activity Solar energy is attracting significant attention in the United Kingdom. A new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows that investments in clean technology have been growing at a rapid pace and many of these investments have to do with solar energy.  The report shows that investments in renewable energy throughout the world fell by 14% in the third quarter of 2013 from what it had been in the previous quarter. Solar energy, in particular, has proven to be resilient against this trend, however.…

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Solar energy shows signs of promise in new report

Report highlights investments coming into the solar energy field The Mercom Capital Group, a market intelligence firm, has released a new report concerning venture capital in the solar energy sector. The report suggests that the funding that solar energy has been receiving from private investors has been on the rise over the past year. In the third quarter of 2013, the report shows that some $207 million in venture capital came into the solar energy sector, an increase of over $18 million from the previous quarter. Investors growing more confident…

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Google’s solar energy investment shows signs of life

Solar energy becoming more important to businesses around the world Renewable energy has begun to attract a great deal of attention in the world of business. Many large companies throughout the world have been moving to embrace clean power in the hopes of skirting emissions regulations coming from the world’s governments and cut the costs associated with fossil-fuels. Some of these companies are making use of clean power for environmental reasons, as well, hoping to reduce their impact on the environment and help mitigate the potential effects of climate change.…

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Solar energy gets a boost from crowdfunding

Solar Energy Report

Crowdfunding proves to be a major boon for solar energy Crowdfunding has become a rampantly successful phenomenon in many industries. Businesses with ambitious and unconventional approaches to particular issues and markets have been able to find a massive amount of support from those in the private sector that are willing to fund projects that they believe in. This has been a boon for the alternative energy sector, wherein many projects struggle to find investors. Solar Mosaic, a California-based startup that relies heavily on crowdfunding for its ambitious focus on solar…

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Solar energy beginning to skyrocket in Mexico


Mexico could double its solar energy capacity by the end of the year Mexico has begun showing serious interest in solar energy recently. The country boasts of high solar energy potential due to its nearly constant exposure to the sun. Recently, the country has embarked on several ambitious solar energy projects, which could help reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. Currently, the country is home to 6 megawatts of installed solar energy systems. According to Conermex, the country’s leading solar energy company, Mexico is poised to reach 12 megawatts of installed…

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Saudi Arabia announced $100 billion investment in solar energy

Saudi Arabia Renewable Energy

A leader in oil production shows aggressive interest in alternative energy Saudi Arabia is well known as one of the world’s leading producers of oil. The country plays a dominant role in the fossil-fuel market, second only to Russia according to the latest market report from the International Energy Agency. Like other Middle Eastern countries with strong ties to oil production, Saudi Arabia is beginning to feel the economic and political pressures of producing and exporting the fuel. Oil is becoming less popular around the world as nations begin adopting…

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