Suzuki aims to successfully commercialize hydrogen fuel powered motorcycles

Suzuki has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells and their uses in transportation Japanese automaker Suzuki has plans to commercialize a new generation of hydrogen-powered motorcycles. The company has a long history with these types of vehicles, though their most popular models are powered, of course, by conventional forms of energy, such as petroleum. Like other automakers, Suzuki is looking to establish a stronger footing in the clean transportation space, hoping to provide consumers with clean vehicles that will allow them to become more environmentally friendly. New fuel cell vehicles…

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Suzuki to test its new hydrogen fuel vehicle in Japan

Automaker plans to test new fuel cell motorcycle on public roads next year Japanese automaker Suzuki has announced plans to commercialize its new fuel cell motorcycle and the company will begin testing the vehicle on public roads next year. The vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, which makes it environmentally friendly, which allows it to fit in well with the Japanese government’s plans to support clean transportation. In order for fuel cell motorcycles to find success, however, the government will have to introduce new environmental and safety standards…

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Consortium aims to bring hydrogen fuel cells to commercial vehicles

Intelligent Energy will lead a consortium that will develop fuel cell commercial vehicles Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, has announced that it will be at the head of a consortium that will be responsible for developing environmentally friendly commercial vehicles, which may eventually reach mass production. The company will be working with other organizations, such as British Gas and DHL, a leading logistics and postal organization. The consortium’s project will span three years and will cost approximately $13 million, part of which comes from a grant…

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Hydrogen fuel cells developer raises $51 million

Funds to aid Intelligent Energy in its hydrogen fuel endeavors Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has raised $51 million in recent funding initiatives. The money, which is the most the company has raised since it began operating, is meant to aid in expansion efforts and will help fund new research and development endeavors focused on the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells. Some of this money will go toward the deployment of a stationary fuel cell system in India, which will serve to…

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Suzuki unveiles new hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing facility

Suzuki SX4 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Suzuki makes progress with plans on hydrogen fuel Japanese automaker Suzuki is making progress with its plans to release a new hydrogen-powered vehicle. The automaker is one among many in its industry that has adopted a strong interest in hydrogen fuel. The company has been working for several years to develop a fuel cell for its ambitious, as well as develop a vehicle around this fuel cell that would be appealing to consumers. This week, Suzuki has unveiled a new production facility that may help the company accomplish its goals…

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Intelligent Energy looks to break into Indian market

india telecommunication intelligent energy

Intelligent Energy preparing to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells in India Intelligent Energy, a leading producer of hydrogen fuel cells and other clean technologies, is looking to break into the Indian market. India has been showing more interest in alternative energy recently, looking to reduce its impact on the global environment and its reliance on foreign sources of energy. Much of the country’s attention, in terms of alternative energy, is being directed at solar power, but hydrogen fuel is beginning to gain traction with the government. Company teams with Indian Oil…

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Intelligent Energy making waves in the world of alternative energy, announces raising more than $30 million in funds and plans to join the stock market

renewable energy news

Intelligent Energy, a fuel cell manufacturer and producer of hydrogen based in the United Kingdom, has announced that it has received more than $30 million in funding from the city of Loughborough. The company, which was founded in 1995 by the Loughborough University, has been using technology from ARM Holdings, leading developers of semiconductor technology. The technology has enabled Intelligent Energy to produce some of the most efficient and powerful hydrogen fuel cells in the world. With the new funding, the company plans to extend its operations globally, looking to…

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Suzuki and Intelligent Energy join to found new joint venture that could change the world of hydrogen energy transportation

Biofuel research

Japanese automaker Suzuki has partnered with Intelligent Energy, an alternative energy company based in the UK, to launch a new joint venture called SMILE FC System Corporation. The venture aims to create a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells that are more efficient for vehicles. The fuel cells manufactured by SMILE FC will be air-cooled, which both companies hope will make them more effective and improve their longevity. Each fuel cell will be designed with vehicles in mind and will be made in such a way that ensures that they…

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Suzuki’s hydrogen powered scooter has been approved!

Suzuki has taken a major step in making their hydrogen powered scooter, the Burgman, ready for the commercial market. Recently, the scooter was approved as safe to use on public roads in Europe. The approval means that the Burgmen no longer needs to obtain individual state approval to travel on European roads. Intelligent Energy, the company that provides fuel cells for the Burman, announced that the vehicle had achieved the Whole Vehicle Type Approval from the UK’s Vehicle Certification Authority. The approval means that the scooter’s design meets or exceeds…

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