Fossil-free hydrogen gas plant receives support from Sweden Energy Agency

Fossil-free hydrogen gas plant to be built in Sweden - Swedish flag

The planned alternative fuel plant is expected to be Europe`s biggest. Swedish power company Vattenfall and Swedish petroleum corporation Preem are moving ahead with their plans to build a fossil-free hydrogen gas plant in Gothenburg, one of Sweden`s major cities. Once built, the plant is expected to have a capacity of 18 megawatts, which will make it the largest in Europe. The Swedish Energy Agency will fund half the cost for the preliminary planning of the plant. Through Industriklivet (Industrial Evolution), the Swedish Energy Agency will contribute half the cost…

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Swedish steelmaker embraces hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel in Sweden - Swedish Flag

SSAB will be building new facility powered by hydrogen fuel cells SSAB, a leading steelmaker in Sweden, has announced its participation in a new project called HYBRIT. The project involves the use of hydrogen fuel cells to generate the electricity needed to power a steel refining facility. Like other major companies, SSAB is looking to make use of cleaner forms of energy in order to cut emissions. Currently, the company accounts for a significant portion of the carbon emissions produced in both Sweden and Finland. Facility to begin testing fuel…

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Wind energy perseveres in Scotland despite confrontation

Aberdeen, Scotland Offshore Wind Energy

Wind energy stands against threats from Donald Trump Earlier this week, The Scottish government faced down opposition from U.S. hotel Magnate Donald Trump. Trump had issued complaints to the government concerning an offshore wind energy system that is planned to take root off the coast of Aberdeen. Despite these complaints from Trump, who claims that wind turbines are unsightly, the Scottish government is moving forward with plans to support the new renewable energy system. Trump has vowed to seek legal action against the endeavor, hoping to see that the offshore…

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East Anglia Offshore Windfarm begins development

Offshore Windfarm Copenhagen

East Anglia Offshore Windfarm now moving forward with approval from UK government One of the world’s largest wind energy projects has begun development and construction. The project comes from wind energy specialist IBERDROLA and its joint-venture partner Vattenfall. The two companies have been working on this particular project for several years and have recently been granted approval for the project to take root off the coast of Britain. Dubbed the East Anglia Offshore Windfarm, the project is expected to bring a massive amount of electricity to the United Kingdom once…

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Alternative energy in Germany may be a costly endeavor

Germany Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Plans

Germany’s alternative energy plans may be more expensive than originally thought Alternative energy has become a popular concept in Germany, but there is an ongoing debate concerning the ultimate cost of switching over to renewable power. Germany has embarked on a campaign to overhaul its energy system, establishing an infrastructure that is more accommodating to alternative energy and sustainability. While alternative energy has managed to garner a significant amount of acclaim for its economic potential, some hold that clean forms of power are actually more expensive than people are willing…

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