Denmark renewable energy transition to include new Green Hydrogen Hub

Denmark renewable energy transition to include new Green Hydrogen Hub

December 4, 2020 1 By John Max

Eurowind Energy, Corre Energy, and Energinet unveiled their Denmark renewable energy massive production plant strategy.

Energinet, Eurowind Energy and Corre Energy jointly announced their new Denmark renewable energy plan for establishing Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark. They call it one of the largest green H2 plants in the world.

The three energy partners have set a target of 2025 for establishing a full Power-to-X value chain

The companies will be including a 350 MW electrolysis plant in this plan, in addition to a 200,000 MW hydrogen storage facility, as well as several industrial H2 customers with a 320 MW Compressed-Air-Energy-Storage (CAES) facility. The Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark (GHH) was described as the final link to this value chain. That facility will have the capacity to re-convert the green H2 into usable electricity. In this way, they intend to boost the supply security of the project.

The facility will be located between Hobro and Viborg in the North of Denmark. The project will also be combined with an Hydrogen storage site underground. According to Eurowind Energy, Energinet, and Corre Energy, the GHH project will be the third H2 production industry cluster in Jutland, Denmark’s central region.

Another part of the Denmark renewable energy strategy as it strikes deal artificial wind energy island – see more in this video:

This would add the Green Hydrogen Hub to two other well-established H2 clusters in the country.

The first Danish H2 production cluster is in Habro, called Hydrogen Valley. It began operation in 2002 and has provided a substantial amount of base knowledge on cleanly producing this renewable fuel.

The second is GreenLab Skive. That cluster has worked primarily on H2 production through the use of renewable energy sources. That location remains within an investigative phase in which the participating parties have placed their attention on the development of both commercial and technical solutions for H2 fuel production, hydrogen storage and usage.

This new Green Hydrogen Hub consortium has already submitted its application to the European Innovation Fund 2020 for primary development component funding. “GHH is a pioneering project with an international perspective that can solve a significant part of our challenges by storing renewable energy,” said Eurowind Energy CEO Jens Rasmussen.

To that, Corre Energy CEO Keith McGrane added, “As a pioneer of hydrogen fueled CAES projects in Europe, we see the complementary application of hydrogen storage systems and electrolysis as a fundamental enabler to achieving the full decarbonisation of the Danish energy system.”

Rising Importance of Denmark Renewable Energy

As of the end of February 2022, countries across Europe have been accelerating programs such as this one in the hopes of reducing their reliance on Russian natural gas.  This has not only made the use of that fossil fuel challenging, as other sources are notably more expensive for meeting demand, but it has also derailed many initial plans for the production of blue hydrogen, which uses natural gas and carbon capture and storage technology.

Strategies such as this green H2 hub are now being viewed as increasingly critical not only for decarbonization but for ensuring energy supply stability.


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