Natural gas on the rise in the US

natural gas united states

Natural gas production is spiking in the US Natural gas production is one the rise in the U.S. While natural gas is still considered a fossil-fuel, it burns much more cleanly than petroleum and coal, making it a suitable alternative to traditional energy systems, in terms of environmentally friendliness. The federal government has begun tapping into the country native natural gas reserves in order to better support the energy needs of its citizens. As the U.S. inches closer to becoming a major energy exporter through its increased production of natural…

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Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance compiles new database on energy efficiency in homes

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency in homes continues to be an issue, according to the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, a non-profit organization that focuses on energy efficiency in Northwest states, has developed a new database that may help energy utilities craft better energy efficiency programs for homeowners. The database is called the Residential Building Stock Assessment and it provides information concerning measures that can be taken to reduce the energy consumption of homes. According to the organization, many energy utilities companies are capable of meeting the energy efficiency…

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Energy production in the US continues to grow

US Energy Efficiency

Domestic energy production could help revolutionize the country The U.S. is looking for a way to break its reliance on fossil-fuels. Until a suitable alternative can be found, however, the federal government will continue to focus on using these fuels for the sake of energy production. Though the time may not be right for a complete transition away from fossil-fuels, the U.S. government is keen to stop relying on foreign countries for its energy needs and has been investing heavily to support domestic energy production. Report highlights the possibilities for…

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Yingli Green Energy to participate in Gold Sun program

China Solar Energy

Yingli Green Energy to help bolster domestic solar energy in China Yingli Green Energy, one of the leading solar energy companies in China, has announced that it will be participating in the country’s Gold Sun Program. The program aims to promote standards for China’s emerging solar energy market. The project itself will establish a strong solar energy system in the country, which will be used as a foundation for the establishment of governing standards for the use of solar technologies, such as photovoltaic panels and energy storage systems. Yingly Green…

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Alternative energy may be wholly viable for the US by 2030

Alternative Energy Report

Report highlights the capabilities of comprehensive alternative energy systems There have been many reports over the years suggesting that alternative energy systems could meet 100% of the energy needs of a full-scale energy grid. Many of these reports suggest that it is feasible to run the world on existing alternative energy technology currently, but other claim that this is not possible for several decades. A new study from the University of Delaware and the Delaware Technical College suggests that the U.S. itself could be meet 99.9% of its energy needs…

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Norwich Research Park may be the cleanest building in the UK

Norwich Research Park Green Energy

Norwich Research Park aims to set a new standard in green construction The United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia will soon be home to the most energy efficient building in the country. The Norwich Research Park Enterprise Center will be built at the university and cost approximately $30 million. The facility is expected to be the “greenest” building ever constructed in the United Kingdom, employing various energy efficient practices and environmentally friendly materials in its construction. The building may also consume very little energy, if it can meet with efficient…

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UK introduces Energy Efficiency Strategy

UK Hydrogen Fuel

Energy Efficiency Strategy launched by UK government The United Kingdom has several ambitious alternative energy and environmentally friendly initiatives it is currently pursuing. The country has become one of the largest supporters of wind and solar power in the world and continues to look for ways to promote energy efficiency and cut consumption and emissions. The UK government has launched a new strategy that aims to add further momentum to these initiatives. The strategy is called the Energy Efficiency Strategy and aims to save the country the equivalent of 22…

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North-Rhine Westphalia subsidy plan supports CHP energy systems

Cologne, the largest city of North-Rhine Westphalia

North-Rhine Westphalia launches plan to promote adoption and deployment of fuel cells North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous state in Germany and home to the country’s four largest cities, has launched a new subsidy plan designed to help commercial companies adopt micro-CHP energy systems that can produce 50 kilowatts of electricity or less. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited has been chosen to participate in the pan by providing commercial customers with access to its BlueGen fuel cell systems. Through this plan, North-Rhine Westphalia officials believe that the adoption of alternative energy can…

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Solar3D shows off new 3D solar cell

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

3D solar cell produces 250% more electricity than conventional models Solar3D, a leading solar energy technology company, has completed the first prototype of its 3D solar cell technology. The company has been working to develop a three-dimensional solar energy system for some time, believing that such a system would be profoundly more efficient than conventional systems. Initial tests of the new prototype system seem promising, as Solar3D claims that its new solar energy cell is capable of producing 250% more electricity than its conventional counterparts. New solar energy system exceeds…

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Atmospheric wind energy systems could power the world

atmospheric wind energy

New study examines the potential of atmospheric wind energy Wind energy could be enough to satisfy the entirety of the world’s energy demand, according to a new study from the Carnegie Institution for Science. With the help of researchers from the Lawrence Livemore National Laboratory, Ken Caldeira of Carnegie’s Department of Global Ecology has examined the potential of wind energy systems. Current technology may be lacking, but atmospheric wind energy systems of the future could sufficiently solve the world’s energy problems without introducing serious climatic consequences. Researchers quantify capabilities of…

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Wave energy gains momentum in Scotland

Shetland Islands

Tidal turbine to be installed in Shetland Islands The world’s first community-owned tidal turbine is scheduled to be installed off the coast of the Shetland Islands in Scotland in 2013. The tidal turbine comes from Nova Innovations, a company specializing in wave energy and tidal power systems. The tidal turbine that will be installed at the Shetland Islands is relatively small when compared to other wave energy systems, but may help bring more attention to an industry that is still in its very early stages of life. Wave energy continues…

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New air-powered engine could compete with powerful hydrogen fuel cells

Air Powered Car

The Dearman Engine Company, a purveyor of innovative engine technologies, has unveiled a new engine that could be capable of competing with hydrogen fuel cells. The engine uses liquid air to generate electricity and produces zero emissions. The engine makes use of cryogenic technology, which has been gaining more attention in the alternative energy community due to its potential for energy generation. The engine may be the first alternative energy system that is able to compete with industrial hydrogen fuel cells. The engine works by combining cryogenic oxygen with hot…

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Cal State San Bernardino to be home for new utility-owned hydrogen fuel cell

Hydrogen fuel - California State University

The California State University at San Bernardino will soon be home to a 1.4 megawatt hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell, a Direct Fuel Cell DFC1500, is utility owned, which means the electricity it generates will go straight into the state’s energy grid. The installation of the system is already underway and was expected to be completed by the end of December. The fuel cells should now be activated and is expected to be fully operational early this year. While the university will not get any of the electricity generated…

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Heliocentris to build alternative energy lab at Qatar University

Qatar University

Heliocentris Energy Solutions, a specialist energy storage company focused on alternative energies, has won a contract from the Qatar University to outfit one of the school’s laboratories with an alternative energy system. Spurred by the deal, the Germany-based company will be opening up an office in neighboring Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, in an attempt to embolden its presence in the Middle East. The deal is part of Qatar University’s ongoing pursuit of alternative energy. The energy system will be called the “New Energy Lab” and will be able…

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New hydrogen energy system makes use of solid-state storage methods

Nottingham University

Researchers at the Nottingham University in the UK have developed a new hydrogen energy system that is to be used in residential areas. The project is part of the university’s Creative Energy Homes initiative, whose goal it is to promote the use of alternative energy in housing. The new energy system is being built to synergize with residential microgrids in order to save space. The notable feature of the system is that it stores excess fuel – hydrogen, in this case – as a solid as opposed to a gas.…

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New nanotechnology could solve the hydrogen storage problem

Scientists from the National Institute of Standard and Technology have developed a new way to store hydrogen through the use of nanotechnology. Hydrogen storage has been an ongoing problem that has kept fuel cells from entering the commercial market en masse. Scientists and alternative energy advocates have been frustrated by the fact that a scant few flaws in fuel cells and hydrogen storage has stunted the adoption of the fuel and have been working at overcoming these issues in earnest. Scientists have new developed what they are calling “iron veins”…

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