New recycling technology could transform CO2 waste into useful chemicals

Instead of only capturing and storing carbon dioxide, new tech could recycle it into something useable. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is believed to be the primary cause behind global warming. One of the methods employed to help control the problem is capturing waste carbon dioxide from manufacturing sites and industrial plants and storing it deep beneath the ground. However, American scientist, Emily Cole, has found a better way to deal with the waste and has developed a recycling technology that can convert waste CO2 into a chemical that can be used…

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Coca-Cola saves energy with green building technology

The Coca-Cola headquarters in Brussels improved its energy efficiency with Umisol window film. Coca-Cola has improved its energy efficient practices by installing a green building technology known as Umisol window film, an infrared blocking filter that offer effective energy efficient thermal insulation throughout the winter and solar control properties during the summer, which helps to improve indoor comfort and saves energy. Umisol window film improves the energy performance of existing buildings. The windows in the Coca-Cola HQ in Brussels were not replaced. Instead, they were double glazed with the film.…

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Ballard Power sets sights on materials handling for new hydrogen fuel cells

Wind Energy Reaches New Heights

Company shifts focus away from auto industry in the interest of profitability Ballard Power, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been making changes to its operational focus recently in an effort to seek out profit. Like other fuel cell manufacturers, Ballard has had trouble attaining profitability, despite the increasing popularity of hydrogen fuel cells. The company has long providing fuel cells for the auto industry, which has become one of the chief advocates of hydrogen fuel. Now, the company is turning to the materials handling sector, believing that…

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P&G adopts hydrogen fuel cells for fleet of forklift trucks

Fuel Cells Partnership with P&G - Procter & Gamble Headquaters

Hydrogen fuel cells headed to three P&G facilities in the U.S. Procter & Gamble (P&G), a multinational manufacturer of a wide range of consumer goods, has announced that it is taking up the banner of hydrogen fuel. The company will be utilizing hydrogen fuel cells to power a fleet of forklift trucks at three of its manufacturing facilities located in California, North Carolina and Louisiana. P&G is the latest in a growing crowd of large companies that have chosen to adopt hydrogen fuel cells for materials handling purposes. If the…

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Plug Power provides hydrogen fuel cells to Coca-Cola

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Partnership

50 fuel cells to power fleet of electric trucks Plug Power, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that beverage giant Coca-Cola has acquired 50 of the company’s fuel cell units to replace the traditional batteries that were used in Coca-Cola’s electric truck fleet. Coca-Cola is the latest in a string of companies that have begun to show interest in hydrogen fuel cells and alternative energy n general. These companies have begun looking for alternatives to fossil-fuels, particularly oil, which has been growing more expensive in recent years.…

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Coca-Cola to introduce new energy system to production facility in California

Coca-Cola Using Green Technology

Natural gas hydrogen fuel cells to be installed in time for Earth Day Coca-Cola is preparing for the upcoming Earth Day announcing plans for install a new energy system at one of its production facilities in American Canyon, California. Coca-Cola has been showing a great interest in alternative energy in recent years and have been working to reduce its impact on the environment by adopting new energy systems. The beverage company has announced that its American Canyon facility will be receiving five natural gas hydrogen fuel cells in time for…

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Bloom transforms old Chrysler factory into a new hydrogen fuel cell production plant

Delaware license plate

A former Chrysler manufacturing factory in Newark, Delaware, is being repurposed to produce stationary hydrogen fuel cells from Bloom Energy, makers of solid oxide fuel cells. The factory was once used to make the dubiously popular Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen. It was closed down during the 2008 recession and has since lain dormant, awaiting new occupants to put the space to good use. The fuel cells that will be manufactured at the factory will be used at local Wal-mart, Coca-Cola and FedEx Facilities. Bloom’s fuel cells are stationary solid…

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Two industry giants show their support for hydrogen power

As fuel cell technology becomes more advances, promising to usher in a new era of hydrogen power, more companies are opting to make the transition from fossil-fuels to renewable energy. Many have adopted a partial-power system, using hydrogen fuel cells to meet the energy needs of a percentage of their operations. Two big companies in Dinuba, California, however, are opting to run completely on hydrogen power. The fuel cells for these companies are being provided by Bloom Energy, a leading developer of fuel cells and their associated technologies. Dubbed Bloom…

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Hydrogen powered business

Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, a leading provider in hydrogen fuel cell technology, has been enlisted by Coca-Cola to furnish its California bottling and distribution center with hydrogen powered forklifts. Air Liquide will supply liquid hydrogen, fueling stations, and the infrastructure necessary to power a fleet of 37 forklifts that will operate the 250,000 square foot facility. This marks the second such agreement between Air Liquide and a big name company. Walmart Canada used Air Liquide’s hydrogen powered forklifts at its sustainable distribution center in Alberta. The fuel cells will…

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