Honda to launch more clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Honda Logo

Honda is preparing to release more clean vehicles in order to embrace environmentally friendly transportation Japanese automaker Honda is set to expand its offering of environmentally friendly cars in the near future. The company already offers a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in California, but intends to expand upon the use of fuel cells. Honda’s new clean vehicles will be part of its Clarity line, which has already generated a modest level of popularity among those interested in clean transportation. Some of these vehicles may have limited availability,…

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EPA gives Honda’s new fuel cell vehicle an efficiency rating

Clarity wins a favorable rating from the EPA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has provided the new Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle with an efficiency rating. Honda already has a fuel cell vehicle on offer in California, but only to lease. The automaker has found modest success with its fuel cell vehicle and the company plans to launch a new version of the Clarity in the near future. One of the appeals of hydrogen fuel cells is their acclaimed efficiency, which is something that has been highlighted by the EPA…

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Honda shows off new fuel cell vehicle at G7 Summit

Honda has showcased the latest version of its Clarity model Japanese automaker Honda has put its new fuel cell vehicle on display during the Group of Seven (G7) Summit in Japan. The new vehicle is an updated version of the automaker’s existing Clarity, and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Honda opted to showcase the vehicle at the G7 Summit in order to display the performance of fuel cells and how they can be used in the transportation sector. Honda is one of the few companies that offers vehicles…

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Honda to bring new hydrogen fuel vehicle to California in 2016

New fuel cell vehicle will be ready for launch by 2016 Honda’s latest hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is expected to be launched in California in 2016. The automaker has been working to develop a new fuel cell vehicle for some time and believes that the California market may be ready for such a vehicle. The new Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle will be the first five passenger sedan that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Honda believes that the vehicle will manage to find success among consumers because of its…

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Honda FCX Clarity a surprise backup energy system powered by hydrogen and solar energy

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Honda hydrogen powered car goes hybrid. Honda has announced plans to upgrade its FCX Clarity’s energy system into a hybrid of hydrogen and solar power. The Clarity was released four years ago and has been powered entirely by hydrogen fuel throughout that time. Honda believes that a hybrid energy system will make the vehicle more appealing to consumers and will establish the Clarity as one of the leading alternative energy vehicles currently available. The hybrid system does not serve a singular purpose, however, and the Clarity may be a very…

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