Toyota has high hopes for hydrogen powered cars

hydrogen powered cars - Toyota FCV concept car

Automaker plans to increase production of fuel cell vehicles Japanese automaker Toyota intends to increase production of hydrogen powered cars. Currently, an estimated 3,000 fuel cell vehicles are sold throughout the world annually. Toyota believes that this number will rapidly increase due to the introduction of more efficient and affordable vehicles, however. As such, the automaker has set a goal of selling 30,000 fuel cell vehicles every year by 2020. Toyota is building two new production facilities To accomplish this lofty goal, Toyota is building two new production facilities in…

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Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb

Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb Your next car may be able to park itself, keep you in your own lane, and navigate its way through a traffic jam–which does sound pretty cool–but it likely will not be hydrogen-powered. Yes, the experts agree that the hydrogen-fueled vehicle will not become a major player in the automotive world before the year 2030–at the very earliest. It would seem that automobile manufacturers have another priority–keeping drivers safe–and their focus is on creating the technology necessary to make this happen. And the public…

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Plug-Ins Are Out While Hydrogen Is In

The battle has begun. On the one side, we have the proponents of the electric car–supported by legions of happy hybrid owners, shouting the praise of their family Fusions and Prius commuters. On the other, we have the supporters of Hydrogen-powered cars–a newcomer to the mainstream automotive world that has received financial encouragement from numerous state governments and the administration of former President, George W. Bush. Only time will tell which side, if any, will be victorious–but the hydrogen fuel camp is about to take a giant leap forward.  From…

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California embraces a fuel cell future

fuel cell car

  Fuel cell vehicles (FCV) will be introduced as consumer cars and trucks as early as 2015, leaving advocates scrambling to make them viable for use by the consumer in line with what they are used to with their gasoline-powered vehicles. California is on the forefront of advancing hydrogen power or FCV into a viable reality. California embraces FCV Hydrogen as come a long way, and with it comes hope for the future. Hydrogen fuel-celled vehicles emit water and heat rather than pollutants into the air. California is working on…

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Challenges and benefits of hydrogen powered cars

Hydrogen Powered Cars

  Gas is an effective way to run an automobile, but along with combustion engines that run on oil based gasoline come the problems of lower mileage performance, smog and other pollutants, and the rising price of filling a tank. Hydrogen powered cars and trucks are just one option for safe, cheap and reliable transportation in the future. Not quite ready for hydrogen powered cars Idea of hydrogen gas running vehicles is not that much of a pipe dream. Useful prototypes are already working and some hydrogen powered vehicles are…

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Search continues to improve hydrogen power for vehicles

Hydrogen fuel vehicle

The search is on to improve hydrogen for use in FCV or fuel-celled vehicles, with three materials that could make storage and usage affordable, safe, and cost effective. The National Science Foundation CAREER Award has launched new research into making hydrogen easy and safe for use. The major problem with hydrogen at the present time is to make it safe and efficient, which up until now have been huge hurdles to overcome with this green energy source. Current methods of storage are said to be cumbersome. The most common storage…

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Hydrogen powered cars abundant by 2015

Hydrogen powered cars 2015

Consumers will be seeing hydrogen powered cars soon In just a few years, car manufacturers like Hyundai, Toyota, and Honda are set to make cars run on hydrogen fuel cells, otherwise known as FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), commonplace in the automotive industry. Moving to the mainstream The Asian Pacific region has been long pushing for and developing cars run on fuel cells powered by hydrogen. Despite heavy investments and the popularity of the idea with the public, car manufacturers have yet to successfully commercialize hydrogen-fueled vehicles. There are some…

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Report focuses on patents in fuel cell industry

Hydrogen Fuel Report

Fuel cell industry 2012 patents reviewed Patents may not be the most accurate way to predict the future of technology, but they can often shed some meaningful insight on emerging trends that could dictate the course of numerous industries. This is as true in the fuel cell industry as it is in any other. Fuel Cell Today, a leading market-based intelligence source focused on the fuel cell industry, recently published a report reviewing the patent activity seen in the fuel cell industry in 2012. Report shows the number of patents…

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Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells in 2013

group exhibit hydrogen + fuel cells

19th Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells coming to Germany next year Hydrogen fuel is gaining momentum around the world thanks to the promising technological innovations that have been made by the fuel cell industry. Next year, these innovations will be on display at the 19th Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells event, which will be held in Hanover, Germany, as part of the Hanover Messe industrial fair. The Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells is the largest fuel cell technology exhibition in Europe and attendees will be able to…

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XP Technology files suit against Department of Energy

Fracking Law

XP Technology looks to take federal agency to court XP Technology, developers of innovative new vehicles, have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy. The suit comes as the response to being rejected from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing program. The program provide financial backing to automakers that are developing electric vehicles and those that operate on hydrogen fuel. According to the suit, XP Technology is accusing the Department of Energy of “corruption and negligence” in regards to how it handled the rejection process. Advanced…

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Hyundai flexes its muscles at the Paris Motor Show

Hydrogen Fuel Hyundai Tucson ix35 hydrogen powered car

Hyundai pulls back the curtain on new vehicles South Korean automaker Hyundai has been making headlines recently in showing off its hydrogen-powered Tucson ix35 at the Paris Motor Show. The company has established one of the most powerful presences in the auto industry as far as clean transportation and hydrogen fuel go. Earlier this year, Hyundai announced that it expected to begin mass production of the Tucson ix35 by the end of 2012. At the Paris Motor Show, which began on September 29, Hyundai also announced its return to the…

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Honda to commercialize hydrogen powered vehicles by 2015

hydrogen powered vehicles - Honda FX Clarity

Honda has big plans for hydrogen powered vehicles Honda has been one of the chief supporters of hydrogen transportation for several years. The automaker made headlines when it introduced its FCX Clarity in 2008. Since then, the company has been working on improving its fuel cell technology, hoping to make fuel cells more efficient and fit for use on a large scale. Honda is one of the participants in the European Hydrogen Road Tour, where it is showing off some of its latest work in hydrogen transportation. CEO Takanobu Ito…

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Mazda unveils plans for hydrogen fuel cells

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen

Hydrogen continues to find support amongst automakers The auto industry has become enamored by hydrogen fuel cells. Automakers from around the world have adopted the energy system as the power source for many of their new vehicles. Some car manufacturers have proven resilient to the charms of hydrogen fuel cells, while others have been aggressive in their adoption of the technology. As fuel cell technology becomes more advanced, the number of automakers announcing the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles is growing. Japanese automaker Mazda has become the latest company to unveil…

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SSE to test drive Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered Tucson ix35

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles meet milestone

Hydrogen fuel cells gaining ground in the UK The United Kingdom’s SSE, one of the country’s largest electric utilities companies, will play a key role in testing Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered SUV, the Tucson ix35. The SUV has been causing a stir throughout Europe recently due to Hyundai’s aggressive promotion and enthusiastic participation in a number of projects throughout the region. The automaker’s latest initiative in the UK is meant to continue showing how viable hydrogen fuel cells can be in transportation. SSE CEO to test drive hydrogen-powered SUV SSE has…

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NRDC report shows drivers can expect major savings on fuel in the future

clean vehicles - consumers lose interest when gas prices drop

Report highlights fuel efficiency standards as power behind savings A new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) suggests that U.S. drivers can expect to see massive savings in fuel costs as the result of the Obama administration’s efficiency standards. The standards require vehicles to have fuel efficiency of 54.5 miles-per-gallon by 2030. This standard will not be implemented until 2030, but the NRDC report shows that drivers do not have to wait that long to find financial relief from high gas prices. $68 billion in saved fuel costs…

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Hyundai clarifies plans for its rollout of hydrogen-powered SUVs


Hyundai hydrogen powered cars will not have the volume once projected. Earlier this year, South Korean automaker Hyundai announced ambitious plans regarding its development of hydrogen powered cars. Several media outlets had reported that Hyundai had plans to produce 1,000 units of its ix35 hydrogen-powered SUV this year, many of which would be released in Europe, where a hydrogen fuel infrastructure was more established than that seen in other markets. Hyundai, however, has begun to clarify this apparent misconception, noting that, though the company does have plans to release hydrogen-powered…

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