Japan to have a hydrogen society strategy in place by end of year

Hydrogen Society - Japan roads in Tokyo

A strategy to develop a hydrogen society will be in place by the end of 2017 Japan will have a definitive plan to establish a “hydrogen society” by the end of this year. A hydrogen society is one that will rely heavily on the use of fuel cells to generate electricity. These energy systems would replace conventional solutions and will not only produce electricity but heat as well. Additionally, such a society would rely on fuel cells to power vehicles, making transportation emissions free. Japan has been working toward embracing…

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Hydrogen fuel cell developer support Japanese initiatives

Japan continues to show strong favor for hydrogen fuel and its use as a primary form of energy Japan is showing more support for hydrogen fuel cells, especially in the residential sector. The country believes that hydrogen could be one of the most prominent energy sources in the future and the Japanese government has been working to cultivate a hydrogen society. HyperSolar, a developer of fuel cells that leverage solar energy, has shown support for Japan’s latest initiatives in the hydrogen sector, and the company notes that more must be…

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