Renewable energy is thriving thanks to tech companies

Renewable Energy - Technology, Business

Large companies are embracing clean power aggressively Large technology companies like Google and Amazon are adding pressure on other corporations to embrace renewable energy. Clean power has been gaining traction throughout the United States for some time. Technology companies see clean power as a way to reduce their emissions and become more environmentally friendly. They also see significant economic potential in renewable energy. Last year, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple became the largest corporate consumers of clean power in the world. Tech companies have ensured the success of clean power…

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Google purchases more renewable energy than it consumes

Google Renewable Energy - Clean Power - Google Search

Google has announced that it now purchases more clean power than it actually uses Google has become the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world. The company claims that it now purchases more clean power than it actually consumes. Google’s renewable energy efforts began in earnest in 2017, when it unveiled plans to power all of its data centers with wind, solar, and others forms of clean power. While Google now purchases more clean power than it actually consumes, not all of the company’s electricity comes from renewable…

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Microsoft forms new renewable energy agreement in Singapore

Renewable Energy - Skyline in Singapore

Microsoft has announced an ambitious agreement with Sunseap Microsoft has announced that it has entered into a new agreement with Sunseap, a renewable energy company based in Singapore. The deal is part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to use clean energy to power its data centers throughout the world. According to the company, the deal will create the largest solar energy portfolio in Singapore. Microsoft and Sunseap will be working together for the next 20 years, with Microsoft purchasing all of the electricity that Sunseap’s solar energy system generates. Solar energy…

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Cryptocurrency could unlock a new future for renewable energy

Cryptocurrency for renewabl energy - coins and plants

Digital currency are beginning to establish a presence in clean power Cryptocurrency may be the way forward for renewable energy in 2018. Various types of digital currency have already embedded themselves in the clean power world, but these currencies may soon play a major role in the market beginning this year. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, an open-source blockchain organization, has already formed partnerships with major companies like BP and Microsoft, both of which have become heavily invested in renewable energy. Such partnerships may show that large corporations are ready to…

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Microsoft plans to focus on hydrogen fuel cells

Microsoft Logo - Fuel Cells

Company will be using fuel cells to power data centers Technology giant Microsoft has plans to use hydrogen fuel cells to power its data centers throughout the world. The company believes that these fuel cells can double its energy efficiency. Microsoft is currently testing new fuel cell systems at several of its data centers. The company is no stranger to fuel cell technology, of course. One of Microsoft’s largest data centers in the United States derives much of its electricity from fuel cells as well as solar energy systems. New…

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Microsoft to purchase wind energy from a GE wind farm in Ireland

Microsoft Renewable Energy - Wind Energy

Microsoft enters into long term power purchase agreement with GE Microsoft has signed an agreement with General Electric that will see the technology company purchasing all new wind energy capacity from GE’s newest wind farm in Ireland. Called the Tullahennel Wind Farm, the project is located in County Kerry. The wind energy system has a maximum capacity of 37 megawatts. Microsoft will be purchasing all of this electricity for the next 15 years. This represents one of the largest clean energy purchases that Microsoft has made in recent years. Agreement…

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Microsoft begins testing new fuel cells

Microsoft Building - Fuel cells

Company is now testing natural gas fuel cells for future use Microsoft has begun showing more interest in fuel cells. The company has commenced testing on natural gas fuel cells that may eventually be used to provide electricity to its data centers. Microsoft has several data centers throughout the country, which consume a total of 2% of all electricity generated in the United States. By embracing fuel cells, the company may be able to reduce its strain on the energy grid and become more environmentally friendly. Seattle facility will be…

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Akamai Technologies invests in Texas wind energy project

Wind Energy Investment

Company will be providing financial support for new wind energy system being built in Texas Akamai Technologies, a delivery network and cloud computing service provider, has announced that it is investing in a new wind farm being developed in Texas. The investment represents the company’s continuing efforts to embrace clean power. According to Akamai Technologies, it will derive half of its electrical power from renewable energy by 2020. Wind energy will play a role in accomplishing this goal, especially as wind farms become more efficient and capable of meeting the…

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Google aims to be powered by renewable energy in 2017

Google to focus solely on renewable energy by the end of 2017 Google has announced that all of its energy will come from renewable sources by the end of 2017. Last year, the massive technology company consumed as much electricity as the city of San Francisco. Now, Google aims to derive all of its electrical power from solar panels and wind turbines. The company’s ambitions are not restricted to the United States, of course, as all of its data centers throughout the world will eventually be powered by renewable energy.…

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Microsoft announces its largest wind energy deal to date

Microsoft forms new deal to acquire wind energy Technology giant Microsoft has announced that it has signed its largest wind energy deal to date. The company will be using wind to generate electricity to its largest data centers in the United States. The latest deal is one of two new contracts that represent some 237 megawatts of capacity. These deals bring Microsoft’s total use of wind energy to more than 500 megawatts. This continues Microsoft’s trend of embracing renewable energy in an effort to reduce its production of carbon emissions…

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CenturyLink shows support for hydrogen fuel cells

Communications company commissions the expansion of fuel cells at its California data center Multinational communications company CenturyLink has commissioned the expansion of the energy systems that powers its data center in Irvine, California. The data center received energy from hydrogen fuel cells, which are becoming a more attractive option for powering data centers operated by large companies like CenturyLink. Two megawatts worth of fuel cells will be brought to the data center, bringing the facility’s total fuel cell capacity to 12 megawatts of electrical power. Technology companies are showing more…

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New Microsoft data center is powered by fuel cells

Microsoft, FuelCell Energy, and Siemens build a zero-carbon data center in Wyoming Microsoft has built a new, zero-carbon data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the help of Siemens and FuelCell Energy. The companies built the data center to accommodate Microsoft’s growing data storage and management needs, but also to showcase how such facilities can be completely powered by renewable energy. Data centers are notoriously energy hungry, requiring large quantities of electrical power in order to remain operational for extended periods of time. Biogas fuel cells will be able to satisfy…

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Microsoft begins research project aimed at hydrogen fuel cells

New research initiative from Microsoft seeks to better understand the viability of fuel cells Microsoft has launched a new research project aimed at exploring the use of fuel cells in date centers. These fuel cells would power the data centers, making them less of an energy burden on power grids and also making them more environmentally friendly. Microsoft believes that fuel cell technology will change the way data centers are powered, especially as the energy structure of much of the world begins to change. Microsoft and partners receive $5 million…

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Microsoft shows interest in fuel cells

Fuel cells could power Microsoft data centers Microsoft has been an advocate for renewable energy for some time. The company has investing in clean power projects around the world, but it is beginning to take a more domestic approach in its advocacy. The technology company is expected to make use of fuel cells to power its data centers in the near future. Currently, Microsoft’s data centers are powered by electricity that is produced off-site and the company is looking for a more efficient solution for the future. Company sets sights…

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Microsoft to adopt internal cap-and-trade practice for carbon emissions

Microsoft cap and trade

Climate change mitigation growing more popular As climate change continues to attract attention, ways to mitigate the potential impact of the phenomenon are becoming a focus for businesses, governments, and other organizations around the world. One of these mitigation factors is a practice often referred to as cap-and-trade. This concept has generated a great deal of controversy in the realms of politics and business, but has managed to also capture a significant amount of support from environmentalist groups and alternative energy companies. The basic premise of cap-and-trade is to instill…

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Microsoft to combine fuel cells with landfill gas

microsoft alternative energy

Hydrogen-biogas system could be a powerful energy system for Microsoft Microsoft has taken a keen interest in alternative energy in recent years. The technology company, along with others in its industry, has begun eyeing hydrogen fuel cells as a viable alternative to fossil-fuels. While fuel cells are quite powerful, they are also expensive, which has caused problems in terms of widespread adoption. Microsoft believes it has found a way to utilize fuel cells cost-effectively. The company believes that by combining hydrogen fuel cells with landfill gas, a powerful, clean and…

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