Solar energy is seeing strong growth in Minnesota

Solar Energy Strong Growth - Solar Panels and Sky

State’s solar energy sector is experiencing promising growth Minnesota’s solar energy sector is growing at a rapid pace. The state has been showing aggressive support for solar power in recent years in an effort to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Minnesota added nearly as much solar capacity during the first three months of this year as in the entirety of 2016. The state’s solar capacity was only one megawatt in 2009, and now Minnesota’s capacity has reached 447 megawatts. Solar power to continue expanding throughout 2017…

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Solar energy capacity in Minnesota continues to grow

Solar Energy Capacity - Minnesota

Solar energy capacity in Minnesota is growing at an unprecedented rate Minnesota’s solar energy capacity exploded last year, highlighting strong and unprecedented growth in the solar field. In 2010, the state had virtually no solar energy capacity. In 2015, however, this capacity reached 35 megawatts. At the end of 2016, Minnesota’s solar energy capacity skyrocketed to 250 megawatts. This has made the state one of the fastest growing solar markets in the country. Many energy developers have begun bringing their projects to the state in order to take advantage of…

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Renewable energy may help Minnesota’s economy

Report highlights the potential of renewable energy projects in the state Renewable energy projects could have a major economic impact in Minnesota. The state has seen many changes to its energy landscape over the past 10 years. Coal was once the dominant form of power in Minnesota, but has given way to cleaner solutions, such as solar and wind power. The state’s energy policies have also begun to shift, showing more favor for renewable energy over fossil-fuels. A new report from the University of Minnesota Energy Transition Lab suggests that…

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Minnesota utility seeks to expand its solar and wind energy capacity

Minnesota Power is calling for proposals to increase its clean energy capacity Minnesota Power has released a series of requests for proposals for large-scale solar and wind energy projects. The requests for proposals is part of the utility’s EnergyForward strategy. The strategy aims to diversify Minnesota’s power supply, which will allow the utility to better serve consumers. One of the priorities of the EnergyForward initiative is to provide consumers with reliable and cost effective access to electrical power. State continues to invest in renewable energy Minnesota Power will be evaluating…

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New solar energy project in Minnesota begins construction

Solar project begins construction after acquisition D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments (DESRI) has announced that it has successfully acquired a promising solar energy project in Minnesota. The project is the 100 megawatt North Star Solar Project, which had previously been under development by Community Energy. Following the acquisition, DESRI announced that construction on the solar project has begun. The project is expected to be completed and begin producing electrical power later this year. Project to generate enough electricity to power 20,000 homes Once completed, the North Star solar energy project will…

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New solar energy project approved in Minnesota

Solar energy project will bring state’s solar capacity to 140 MW Officials in Minnesota have approved the development of a new solar energy project. The Aurora Solar Project, as it is called, will cost approximately $250 million and will bolster the state’s solar capacity from the current 20 megawatts to 140 megawatts. Minnesota is expected to reach a higher ranking in terms of solar energy, but the state may struggle to establish more capacity because of its relatively unbalanced solar subsidies. These subsidies have been criticized in the past because…

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Solar power deal means more green energy in Minnesota

Xcel Energy Inc. signed deals with energy developers to build three large solar projects. The electricity and natural gas utility supplier said last week that it has made deals with three energy developers to build as many as three huge solar power farms in Minnesota located near Marshall, North Branch and Tracy, which will comply with a new renewable energy mandate in the state. The new solar energy developments could result in almost 200 MW of new power coming online by 2016. Xcel said in a filing with state regulators…

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Minnesota launches a new plan to support solar energy

State become the first in the country to introduce a new solar power plan focused on utilities and homeowners Minnesota has become the first state in the U.S. to allow its utilities with a new method to work with distributed solar power producers. This new method is called “value of solar” and is meant to encourage utilities to make better use of solar power while also entering into beneficial partnerships with clean energy organizations. The method is also expected to improve the relationship between homeowners with installed solar energy systems…

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Solar Energy Jobs Act gains support in Minnesota

Solar Energy Developer Acquired

Minnesota’s ambitious solar energy legislation could be an economic boon In the U.S., Minnesota is looking to establish itself as a leading state in terms of solar energy. The state has been a strong supporter of renewable energy in the past, but has now set its sights on solar energy due to the economic prospects that this form of clean power represents. A new legislation has been introduced in the state, called the Solar Energy Jobs Act. This legislation aims to significantly increase the solar energy capacity of the state,…

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