Albuquerque will be investing $25 million in solar energy

Solar Energy - Albuquerque

City plans to support the installation of new solar energy systems Albuquerque, New Mexico, is set to begin investing heavily in solar energy. Last year the City Council approved a resolution that will see the city derive 25% of its electricity from solar power by 2025. To accomplish this goal the city will be investing $25 million for the installation of solar panels. These panels will be installed on city buildings throughout the next two years. The money comes from federal bonds. Albuquerque receives 3% of its electricity from solar…

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New large-scale solar energy system is taking form in New Mexico

Xcel Energy to purchase electricity from new solar energy system NextEra Energy, a prominent energy developer, will be building a new, large-scale solar energy system in New Mexico. The project costs an estimated $260 million and will span some 1,400 acres near Roswell. Once completed, the solar farm will be operated by five full-time employees, with electricity that the solar farm generates being purchased by Xcel Energy. The solar power system is estimated to generate enough electricity to power approximately 40,000 average homes. Company continues to look for renewable energy…

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Solar energy wins a major victory in New Mexico

Homeowners generating their own solar energy will not have to pay more for this electricity The solar energy sector has won a major victory in New Mexico. Beginning this week, customers of Southwestern Public Service Company, one of the state’s utilities, will no longer have to pay higher fees for generating electricity through their own solar energy systems. Many solar customers are expected to see a reduction in fees as well. Southwestern Public Service Company has initially intended to increase a fee on those producing their own clean energy, but…

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Traditional utilities are showing more support for solar energy

Energy companies are focusing more heavily on solar power Traditional energy companies are beginning to invest more heavily into solar energy in several states. These companies have long relied on fossil-fuels in order to generating t electricity that consumers and businesses need, but they are beginning to show more favor for small-scale solar power. They are focusing on deploying rooftop solar panels as homeowners become more interested in renewable energy and look for ways to save money on their energy bills. Installation of solar panels is growing in the residential…

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Nevada aims to lead the way in clean transportation

State approves $1.3 billion in tax breaks and financial incentives for Tesla Motors Nevada has approved $1.3 billion in tax breaks and other incentives for Tesla Motors. The automaker has been making significant progress in the U.S. in recent months, with many states showing support for the company’s electric vehicles. Recently, the company has been looking for a location to build its new Gigafactory, which will be responsible for the manufacture of new vehicles and batteries. The factory has a significant degree of economic potential and Nevada intends to be…

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New wind energy system could take root in North Dakota

Xcel Energy seeks approval for fourth wind energy system in the state Xcel Energy, a leading wind energy developer, has announced plans to build its fourth wind farm in North Dakota. The company has been working to transform the Midwestern U.S. into a wind energy hub and has managed to find significant success in this endeavor. Much of this success is backed by the U.S. federal government, which has attributed a great deal of support to renewable energy in general and wind energy specifically. New wind farm could power 750,000…

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New solar energy leasing program launched in New Mexico

Solar Energy New Mexico

Solar energy gains new support in New Mexico Solar energy has been gaining popularity throughout the U.S. as more consumers become environmentally conscious and interested in renewable energy. Those is New Mexico now have more access to solar energy systems thanks to Affordable Solar, a company devoted to solar energy systems and their associated technologies. Affordable Solar has announced the launch of a new leasing program designed specifically for New Mexico residents. The program is expected to expand the availability of solar panels throughout the state. Affordable Solar teams with…

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Solar energy reaches major milestone in New Mexico

New Mexico Solar Energy

Economic prospects of solar energy may be on display in the US Though solar energy has become popular in the U.S., its widespread adoption has been stymied by the issue of cost. Photovoltaic solar panels have, in the past, been expensive pieces of technology. The cost of these energy systems has been falling rapidly however, due to advances in technology and a massive abundance of supply throughout the world. With the cost of solar energy technology plummeting, this form of alternative energy is becoming much more viable than it had…

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Navajo Nation teams with Arizona to develop solar energy project

Solar Energy Capacity

Navajo Nation could benefit from alternative energy Alternative energy is often praised for its economic potential. Developing countries around the world have become fans of alternative energy because of the prosperity they could potentially bring through the creation of new jobs and the elimination of the practice of paying for power. This concept is just as true in the U.S. as it is in Africa, Asia, or Europe. A small, sovereign nation that goes mostly unnoticed, has been working with the Arizona government to develop a massive solar energy project…

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