Ontario makes changes to its rebate program supporting electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Rebate - Canadian Coins

Rebate program will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000 The government of Ontario is making changes to its rebate program that serves as an incentive to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles. In 2016, some $800,000 in rebates were provided to consumers that purchased vehicles with six-figure price tags. On average, consumers received approximately $5,000 to help cover the cost of their new clean vehicles. The government is now setting a limit on the rebate program, which will no longer support vehicles that cost more than $75,000.…

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Ontario is moving forward with its plan to power trains with hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel - Train in Canada

Fuel cells are a viable option for Ontario’s railway system The Ontario government is moving ahead with a project that will determine the feasibility of hydrogen-powered trains. The project involves implementing new train technology that could eventually replace the solutions used to power conventional trains. The province’s new project comes shortly after the release of its Hydrogen Rail Feasibility Study. The study found that trains that operate using hydrogen fuel are a viable form of transportation. As such, Ontario is likely to show more support for these trains in the…

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China is leading the transportation market with electric vehicles

Uber EV Champions Initiative - Electric Vehicles - Green Car

China is focusing more heavily on electric vehicles China has become the dominating force in the clean transportation market. The country became the world’s largest vehicle market with more than 28 million cars sold in 2016. Unfortunately, the transportation field has committed heavily to the country’s air pollution problems. As such, the government has targeted vehicles in order to reduce emissions. Now, government regulations and standards may end up affecting the rest of the auto industry and its plans concerning electric vehicles. Government standards require automakers to sell a certain…

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Ontario to test the viability of hydrogen fuel cells for electric trains

Fuel Cells - GO Transit Trains

Government may use hydrogen fuel cells in order to power GO Transit network The government of Ontario, Canada, is looking to electrify its GO Transit railway network in order to promote clean transportation. The government is set to launch a feasibility study concerning hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used to power electric trains. Fuel cells have become quite popular in the transportation space, particularly where public transit is concerned. These energy systems produce no harmful emissions and consume hydrogen in order to generate electrical power. Fuel cells…

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Hyundai delivers its fuel cell vehicle to Quebec

Automaker has delivered Quebec’s first fuel cell vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has delivered its first fuel cell vehicle to Quebec, Canada. The vehicle has been issued through its Canadian branch: Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. Previously, Hyundai’s ix35, a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell, was delivered to both British Columbia and Ontario. Quebec has become the third province to receive a fuel cell vehicle from Hyundai, but it will likely not be the last. The automaker has plans to commercialize its new vehicle more aggressively in the coming…

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Canadian wind energy sector is seeing strong growth

Industry leaders flock to Toronto to discuss advances being made in the wind sector Canada is becoming a prominent market for wind energy and this has attracted more than 100 wind developers to Toronto for the Canadian Wind Association’s O&M Summit, which was held this week. As the Canadian market expands, it is becoming increasingly important for developers to share innovative ideas with one another and introduce new technologies and tools that can improve the performance of wind farms. This will be a priority if Canadian developers wish to retain…

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New solar energy system takes root in Canada

ABB to build new solar energy plant in Ontario ABB, a leading energy and technology firm, is preparing to build a new solar energy system in Ontario, Canada. The system is being called the Grand Renewable Energy Park and will boast of a total capacity of 100 megawatts. The solar energy system itself will be located relatively close to Toronto, which is becoming a hub of activity when it comes to renewable energy and clean technology. ABB will be responsible for engineering the solar energy system as well as installing…

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Ontario launches contest to promote renewable energy awareness

Contest could help draw more attention to renewable energy The provincial government of Ontario, Canada, has begun encouraging applications developers to make energy consumption information more available to homeowners and businesses. As such, the government has launched a contest that will award the developer of an innovative smart meter data application $50,000. Renewable energy has been gaining ground throughout Canada and government officials have been working to make energy consumption readily available in order to highlight the economic aspects of clean power. Energy consumption is often a misunderstood subject Energy…

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Ontario completes large renewable energy project

Ontario, Canada Renewable Energy

Government announces completion of long-standing renewable energy endeavor The government of Ontario, Canada, has completed an ambitious project that is expected to bring renewable energy to the region for 100 years. The Niagara Tunnel Project finished its aim this week of connecting the Niagara River to the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric generation complex. The project serves as an extension of Ontario’s use of hydropower, with the tunnel providing another method to make use of the potential energy contained within the strong currents of the Niagara River. Niagara Tunnel Project will…

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Ontario to be coal-free by the end of 2013

Renewable Energy - Abandoning Coal

Ontario moves to close coal-based energy production Canada has been working to obliterate its use of coal recently. The country has adopted an intense interest on alternative energy, both for economic and environmental purposes. Now, the province of Ontario is expected to be the first North American government to be virtually coal-free by the end of 2013. The province has recently shut down an entire coal fleet, a move that has garnered the local government praise and extreme criticism. Government poised to close last two coal power plants The provincial…

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Inland Empire Utilities Agency activates new biogas power plant

\Biogas Fuel Cells - Biogas pipes

Inland Empire Utilities Agency makes use of fuel cells to generate electricity from biogas California’s Inland Empire Utilities Agency has activated a 2.8 megawatt fuel cell plant that is capable of converting the biogas produced by waste into electricity. The fuel cell plant, which is located in Ontario, California, is the largest of its kind in the U.S. The facility is equipped with fuel cells developed by FuelCell Energy, a leading fuel cell manufacturer. The Inland Empire Utilities Agency expects that the fuel cells will cut down on harmful emissions…

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