China invests in concentrated solar energy

Chinese utility purchases innovative technology from American company China is looking to take advantage of innovative technology in order to further boost its solar energy capacity. One of the country‚Äôs energy utilities has turned to BrightSource Energy, a developer based in California, signing a deal to purchase new technology from the company. The technology that the utility is purchasing is the same being used to power a solar farm outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology leverages the power or mirrors in order to concentrate sunlight. Concentrated solar energy shows…

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China has big plans for solar energy

National Energy Administration announces new goals for solar power China is expected to be the leading solar energy market this year due to a new initiative from the country’s National Energy Administration. The agency has announced that it has set an ambitious goal for domestic solar power capacity. The country has been working to bolster its use of solar power for some time and has made major progress toward a future that is less dependent on fossil-fuels. Renewable energy has become a priority for China as the country continues to…

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Chinese solar energy joint venture continues to reach new milestones

Joint venture boasts of more than 100MW of installed capacity A joint venture between Yingli Green Energy and Hainan Solar Power, two of China’s prominent energy companies, has seen more than 100 megawatts of new solar energy capacity installed since 2009. The joint venture encompasses several solar energy projects that have been developed throughout China. Hainan Solar Power owns all of the facilities that are associated with the venture while Yingli has provided the solar panels and other technologies that these facilities use to generate electrical power. Solar power projects…

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China maintains tariff on solar energy materials

China opts to uphold tariffs on materials from the US and South Korea The Chinese government has opted to uphold the tariffs it had announced last year on imports of a raw material from the U.S. and South Korea. The material is known as solar-grade polysilicon and is used in the manufacture of solar panels. The move to uphold tariffs may have serious implications for China’s solar panel manufacturers, who produce more than half of the world’s supply of solar panels. Manufacturers had hoped that the tariffs would be revised,…

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New solar energy project takes root in China

Trina Solar embarks on new initiative in Turpan Trina Solar, one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in China, has announced its involvement in a new project that is taking place in a Chinese desert located in the Turpan Prefecture. The desert is notorious for its harsh and unforgiving landscape, but Trina Solar believes that it is an ideal location for a new solar energy plant. The new energy facility is expected to begin construction within the next four years. New power plant to have a maximum capacity of 1,000MW…

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China announces major shift in support for solar energy companies

China continues to reform solar industry The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has issued an order that could put 75% of the country’s solar products manufacturers out of work. The agency recently released a list of 134 manufacturing companies that are eligible for financial support from the government and its financial service institutions. This initiative is part of an overarching effort from the Chinese government concerning major changes being made to the country’s domestic solar industry. Trade disputes spark change China has been working on reforms for its…

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Solar energy company seeks to impose new duties on Chinese products

New petition calls for closure of trade loophole In 2013, China laid to rest trade disputes with several European countries concerning solar energy and its associated technologies. In the U.S., however, these trade disputes have been given new life. SolarWorld Industries, a prominent developer of photovoltaic modules, has petitioned the federal Commerce Department to impose new duties on imported solar panels that are manufactured in China or Taiwan. The petition is meant to close a loophole in the country’s trade policies, which prevents duties from being imposed on certain products…

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China to reach 10GW of installed solar energy capacity by end of 2013

China continues to support solar power China has been taking an aggressive approach to renewable energy recently in order to combat the ongoing issues associated with air pollution. Solar energy has become one of the country’s most supported forms of clean power. Indeed, China boasts of one of the fastest growing domestic solar industries in the world. The country has been promoting the adoption of solar systems in order to raise its renewable energy capacity and the National Energy Administration expects that the country will reach a new record by…

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New solar energy plant coming to Lingwu City, China

Jinko Solar set to develop new project Jinko Solar, a leading solar energy company based in China, has signed an agreement with the Lingwu City government. Per the agreement, Jinko Solar will be developing a new solar power plant that will help reduce some of the city’s energy strain while also reducing its consumption of fossil-fuels. Several cities throughout China have been looking to invest in renewable energy as a way to combat air pollution, which has been linked to serious health conditions in many parts of China recently. 200MW…

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China sets new goal for solar energy

China continues to make progress on the solar energy front China has made significant progress in its pursuit of renewable energy over the past several years. The country is one of the largest consumers of fossil-fuels in the world and the emissions produced by these fuels are beginning to have an impact on the health of its citizens. Indeed, the emissions produced by the country’s fossil-fuel energy systems can flood some of its larger cities in a proverbial sea of smog, making it nearly impossible for people to see their…

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Solar energy trade dispute between EU and China comes to a close

Solar Energy - Solar Capacity

Trade dispute concerning solar energy has been put to rest Solar energy has become a controversial issue between several European countries and China recently. Europe had established a strong foothold in the solar energy sector in the past, with many European manufacturing companies accounting for the majority of the supply of photovoltaic panels and other solar modules. These companies saw their foothold in the market begin to slip when China began showing interest in solar energy. China quickly flooded the global market with inexpensive solar systems, pushing several European manufacturers…

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China reaches major solar energy milestone

Solar energy - solar panels

China the first to reach 3GW solar energy milestone China has become the first country to reach the 3 gigawatt utility-scale solar energy milestone. This milestone represents a major achievement for China and the country’s aggressive interests in solar energy. Developing utility-scale clean energy is a gargantuan task considering the cost of clean technologies and updates that must be made to existing energy infrastructures. China’s achievement shows that the country has established a strong support structure for solar energy. Country accounts for majority of new capacity installed in first half…

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Germany meets with China to end solar energy trade disputes

Solar Energy - Solar Panel Recycling

Solar energy market continues to suffer from ongoing disputes China and the European Union have been embroiled in trade disputes concerning solar energy recently. The trade disputes erupted when Chinese solar panel manufacturers began to flood the European market with low-cost products. The arrival of these products helped significantly reduce the cost of solar energy systems throughout the region, but also forced some European manufacturers out of business due to their inability to provide solar panels that were as inexpensive as those coming from China. German officials meet with Chinese…

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Yingli Solar finds turbulence in growing solar energy market

Yingli Solar Energy Troubles

Solar energy giant Yingli Solar confronted with serious financial troubles Solar energy has been seeing major progress in several markets around the world, but the success that this progress has meant for some companies in the solar energy sector has not been universal; some companies have actually seen turbulence arise from the progress made in the renewable energy industry. Such is the case with Yingli Solar, one of China’s largest producers of solar panels and solar-centric technologies. Yingli Solar has been a major force in the global solar energy industry…

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Solar energy continues to be a problem for China

solar energy problem for China

Chinese government grapples with ongoing issues concerning solar energy The Chinese government recently announced that it would be overhauling the country’s solar energy industry. The move comes as the country looks to make the industry more efficient as well as placate several of the trade disputes that have been directed at Chinese solar panel manufacturers. These companies have done much over the past two years to reduce the cost of solar panels and other such technologies. Some argue that this is because these companies use low quality materials to make…

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China announces overhaul of solar energy industry

Solar Energy China

Chinese government begins to overhaul problematic solar energy sector China has been embroiled in a very serious trade dispute with many European countries and the U.S. over the past several months. The problem at the heart of the issue is the country’s entry into the global solar energy market. China has begun adopting solar energy in an aggressive fashion, thus throwing its considerable industrial might behind the manufacture of solar panels. Several Chinese manufacturers have introduced a flood of low-cost solar panels to the global market, which several European and…

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