UK government launches new clean transportation competition

Government partners with Innovate UK for new initiative focused on clean vehicles The United Kingdom government has partnered with Innovate UK, the new name for the Technology Strategy Board, in order to launch a new low-emissions vehicles competition. The competition will award some $24 million to those that can develop vehicles that make use of clean technology. The majority of the funding is being provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, with the rest coming from Innovate UK. Competition aims to ignite more innovation in the transportation space The…

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Element is taking part in a hydrogen fuel storage project in the UK

Element will participate in the Hydrogen – Optimization of Storage and Transfer project supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board Element Materials Technology has announced that it will be taking part in the Hydrogen – Optimization of Storage and Transfer (HOST) project in the United Kingdom. The project is partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board, which has been showing strong support for hydrogen fuel cells in recent years. The HOST project is meant to find effective storage and delivery solutions for hydrogen fuel. These storage and delivery solutions are…

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Element joins hydrogen fuel storage research project

Element has announced that it has joined a new project focused on hydrogen storage Element Materials Technology, a materials testing firm based in the United Kingdom, has joined a large research project being lead by its Element Hitchin laboratory. The project is focused on hydrogen storage systems that can be used for fuel cell vehicles. Storage has been a challenge for hydrogen fuel for some time. Conventional storage methods are both expensive and energy intensive, which make them somewhat unattractive for various purposes. HOST project receives funding from Technology Strategy…

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Researchers to develop a hydrogen fuel storage monitoring system

Team of researchers wins funding from Technology Strategy Board for project involving hydrogen storage tanks A team of researchers from R-Tech Services has been awarded funding from the United Kingdom’s Technology Strategy Board. The funding will help researchers develop a monitoring system for hydrogen fuel storage tanks. The system is meant to serve as an early warning of any damage done to a storage tank and will also warn of faults in the storage system it is monitoring. This could be particularly useful for the transportation sector, where fuel cell…

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Demand for fuel cells is on the rise in the UK

Ceres Power wins funding from the Technology Strategy Board through ambitious initiative Ceres Power, a renewable energy company based in the United Kingdom, has announced that it has been awarded funding from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board through the Fuel Cell Manufacturing and Supply Chain initiative. This initiative is meant to promote better manufacturing methods in regards to fuel cell technology and improve the overall supply chain of these energy systems and their source of fuel: Hydrogen. Fuel cells are becoming quite popular in the UK, especially where transportation is…

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UK trade mission may help bring clean technology to China

Trade mission to focus on the capabilities of clean technology Several technology firms from the United Kingdom are set to participate in a trade mission to China organized by the Technology Strategy Board, an organization that reports to the UK’s Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills. The trade mission is meant to showcase the capabilities of clean technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells, biotech production systems, and 3D-printed materials. The goal of the trade mission is to help China’s manufacturing sector become more environmentally friendly and secure trade between the…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure gets a boost in London

Hydrogen Fuel UK

Companies come together to support hydrogen fuel A consortium of companies has emerged in the United Kingdom to support the ambitious London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE) project. The project is a government-backed, three-year initiative that aims to bolster the hydrogen fuel infrastructure and promote hydrogen transport throughout London. The project is partially funded by the Technology Strategy Board, an innovation agency that is part of the UK government. The consortium will be participating in the project, applying expertise that could make it a resounding success. Air Products to lead LHNE…

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Technology Strategy Board launches competitions to support hydrogen fuel

UK hydrogen fuel

Technology Strategy Board aims to boost alternative energy in the UK The Technology Strategy Board, a public organization that aims to stimulate business innovation in the alternative energy sector, has announced that it will be investing more than $6 million into major research and development projects concerning alternative energy in the United Kingdom. The funding will help those in charge of these various projects better understand how they can incorporate clean energy into their efforts. The UK is currently home to a burgeoning alternative energy industry, and the funding from…

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BOC to expand Swindon hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel transportation

BOC unveils plans to expand fuel station The BOC Group, a division of Linde and producer of industrial gases, recently unveiled plans to expand the hydrogen fuel station that currently operates at a Honda facility in Swindon, UK. The hydrogen fuel station at the facility has offered fuel for some time now and has attracted a great deal of attention. BOC is keen to make further improvements to the station through the addition of new technologies and features that will make it more sustainable. Fuel stations to be equipped with…

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New Hydrogen fuel initiatives launched by the UK

UK Alternative Energy

UK embarks on new initiative to make use of alternative energy The United Kingdom is embarking on an ambitious energy initiative that encompasses five energy projects. The initiative is led by the Technology Strategy Board and the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Together, the two agencies hope to incorporate alternative energy systems into the country’s energy schemes. Some of the projects will be focused on showing the viability of hydrogen-powered transportation and the incorporation of hydrogen fuel systems. Other projects concern the use of solar energy and other forms…

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ITM Power to conduct major study of hydrogen fuel power in the UK this year

UK Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel study moves forward ITM Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been awarded a grant from the United Kingdom’s Technology Strategy Board. The grant is being issued through the agency’s Smart Power Distribution and Demand campaign. The money will help ITM Power investigate the feasibility of combining hydrogen fuel with the country’s current gas grid. The endeavor is meant to help prepare the UK’s energy infrastructure for growing demands and transition away from fossil-fuels. ITM Power believes that combining hydrogen with the country’s gas grid could make…

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