Hyphen Hydrogen Energy wins Namibian 3GW renewable hydrogen tender

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy wins Namibian 3GW renewable hydrogen tender

November 16, 2021 0 By Angie Bergenson

The government of Namibia issued a notice of award for the wind and solar powered H2 production.

British-German developer Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has received a notice of award from the Namibian government to appoint it the preferred renewable hydrogen bidder for a green energy tender.

The facility will be powered by 5GW of wind and solar and could cheaply produce green H2.

The $9.4 billion renewable hydrogen facility is expected to produce some of the cheapest green H2 in the world. The H2 produced by the facility is intended for export. The 3GW clean H2 project will be constructed in southern Namibia and will use 5GW of solar and wind energy. The project is called the Southern Corridor Development Initiative Green Hydrogen project within the Tsau Khaeb national park.

Hyphen is a joint venture between Nicholas Holdings, an investment holding company registered in the British Virgin Islands, and Enertrag, a renewables developer from Germany. Hyphen is based in Windhoek, Namibia.

Renewable hydrogen - Solar and Wind

The location of the renewable hydrogen project is ideal for solar and wind farm-based energy production.

Tsau Khaeb national park boasts both strong winds and high solar irradiation. Also a key region for diamond mining, this area is expected to be ideal for generating electricity through solar and wind farms. As a result of the inexpensive electricity and existing road infrastructure, this could prove to be a region that can produce some of the cheapest green H2 in the world.

In August, German science minister Anja Karliczek signed a renewables and hydrogen partnership with Namibia, saying that the H2 produced in that African country’s southwest would be produced at a cost comparable to grey H2 – a highly polluting form made from fossil fuels such as natural gas – at a predicted €1.50-2.00 ($1.73-2.30) per kilogram.

Namibian government leaders along with regional experts discuss green hydrogen in rich detail…

“The first phase, which is expected to enter production in 2026, will see the creation of 2GW of renewable electricity generation capacity to produce green hydrogen for conversion into green ammonia, at an estimated capital cost of US$4.4bn,” explained Hyphen CEO Marco Raffinetti.

Hyphen has now received the notice of award for the renewable hydrogen energy project but won’t officially receive the rights to the tender until a feasibility study is concluded and a construction contract with the government is signed.

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